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Winter Clothes Online – Womens Long Sleeve Tops Styles

Winter Clothes Online – Popular Styles for Long Sleeve Tops

Many of us don’t necessarily enjoy winter. The weather is colder, the days are shorter, and, for many, it feels like clothing becomes drab and dull. People tend to associate summer with fun. It signals bright colours, flowing dresses, quirky florals and sexy shorts. On the other hand, winter seems to be the month of covering up and sticking to one colour – grey.

However, we here at Lu-May Exclusive Wear know that winter clothes can be edgy, trendy and cosy all at once. Buying winter clothes online can be just as fun as shopping for your summer wardrobe because you can express yourself just as well in your winter warmers.

The Versatility of Long Sleeve Tops

One staple of a winter wardrobe would be long sleeve tops. Yes, when you are browsing winter clothes online, it is probably the first item that pops up. Unfortunately, much like most winter fashion, long sleeve tops tend to be relegated to the category of basic and, often, uncomfortable. An ill-fitting long sleeve top can feel like a more constricting T-shirt that you have to wear to stay warm.

Luckily, we’re here to give you a whole new perspective on long-sleeved fashion. Let’s emphasise some of the popular long sleeve styles to inspire your winter fashion flair available at Lu-May:

Most popular sleeve styles for Winter Fashion at Lu-May:


  • Black and white stripes. Stripes are making a comeback this season. But, sometimes they can be too colourful to be taken seriously. To avoid this, you can try black and white stripes for a look that’s chic and neat. Just take a peek at our Willow Pinstripe Pocket Detail top and you’ll see exactly what we mean.
  • Prints for the win. If you want to avoid looking dull and drab, then spice up your look with prints. They are versatile, so you can select styles to your personal taste. They can also be more or less colourful depending on what you like. Take our Rietvlei Turtleneck Contrast top and Golden Gate Button Down top, for example. These feature prints in an interesting and unique way.
  • Sunshine in yellow. Yellow is such a happy colour, and it is the perfect way to introduce a touch of summery brightness into the cold season. Our Life in Colour Lantern Sleeve top perfectly balances warmth with the cold weather.
  • Lacy and flirty. Who says you can’t show off a bit of skin in winter? Lace is perfect for a more flirtatious look. Not to mention, it’s the perfect in-between for South Africa’s sometimes unpredictable weather that can be layered under a cosy cardigan. We would suggest our Capital Lace Slim Fit for the perfect cute, yet flirty, look.
  • Bring the puff. Puffy sleeves are back, and we are loving this trend! They can be a cute add-on to any outfit and can be dressed up or down. They are also less constricting than tighter sleeves. For a graceful day or night look, we suggest our Sabrina Smocked Puff Sleeve
  • Cuddling with oversized. If comfort is what you seek, then the oversized style would be a perfect match for you. There’s no reason something can’t be fashionable and slouchy at the same time. The Sophia Oversized top is a stylish example.

Shopping for winter clothes online is anything but boring with the stunningly stylish long sleeve tops available to you. You can find a wide range of winter wonders at Lu-May. If you want to update your wardrobe with winter clothes online, shop now or contact us today.

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