Clothes Online – Womens Statement Winter Accessories

Clothes Online – Statement Winter Accessories to Complete Your Look

Shopping for clothes online can be quite an entertaining pastime. There’s good reason for that too. It’s fun, can give you great ideas for a wardrobe update, and it’s more convenient than visiting a physical store.

However, once you’ve bought all your clothes online, you need to know how to accessorise your stunning new outfits. And, now that it’s colder, it’s great to know that winter accessories are much more versatile than they are believed to be (so, scarves and beanies, though fun and fashionable as they are, are not where accessorising has to end). Luckily, we at Lu-May Exclusive Wear are here to introduce you to our gorgeous statement jewellery range.

Elevate the Clothes Online

Anyone can take a look from “meh” to “yeah” with a simple statement piece. This can range from jewellery to headbands, so it can be challenging to know what to purchase. That’s why Lu-May has compiled a list of winter accessory trends that we are in love with:

Top Winter Accessory Trends:

Clothes Online-Womens Statement Winter Accessories - basic tote bag at Lu-May

  • Tote it around. One style that is a winter staple is layering. This is great, but it also means that you often find yourself carrying a lot more baggage around. For example, where do you put that thick jacket when the afternoon sun warms up? We suggest investing in a tote bag. They’re big, they’re classy, and they’re super functional. Have a look at our Basic Tote range, which adds a touch of class to the convenience.
  • Let it dangle. If you prefer not to tuck your hair into a beanie, then a trendy way to style your look is with dangle earrings. Pulling back your hair would draw more attention to these fashionable statement accessories, so it’s a win-win. Why not give our range of unique and beautiful earrings a try for a stylish update.?
  • Band together. A great accessory for styling hair that may need a wash or hasn’t been styled into submission is a headband. A headband adds interesting detail and flair to your hairstyle so that it always looks its best. These accessories are fabulous in their own right and pair well with most outfits. We recommend the Layla-232 this season, though there are several stylish options to choose from.

Contact Lu-May to shop your winter clothes online and to refine your look with stunning, on-trend accessories this season.

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