Shopping for Jerseys Online

Buying Jerseys Online

Winter is coming and wardrobe updates are needed now more than ever. However, many of us don’t enjoy spending time at a shopping centre, finding an appropriate store, and then meandering through countless shelves, what’s more, is we simply don’t have the time.

Luckily, online shopping is available and Lu-May Exclusive Wear may just be the perfect fit for your online shopping apparel needs.

Buying the Right Jerseys Online

Of course, even with Lu-May’s awesome online deals, you still need to know what to buy. After all, you get free shipping when you spend R1000 or more, so you want to spend your money on purchasing the perfect pieces.

Let’s take a look at what’s trending when it comes to shopping for jerseys online:

  1. Stripes: Patterns are always a great way to add fun personality to an otherwise simple look. Stripes are even better at this as they are flattering while giving an outfit a bold edge. One of our top picks is the Mia Loose Fit Striped Jersey.
  2. Keep it unique: Speaking of patterns, you don’t have to limit yourself. Unique patterns are on-trend right now, seeing as it is a way of adding identity to your winter outfits. Why not try out our Chilly Nights Color Block Cold Shoulder Top? Its leopard print combined with colour-blocked patterning will ensure that you will make a statement wherever you go.
  3. Textures: Another way to add a unique spin to a jersey look is with textures. This can be achieved in multiple ways, like with braided knitwear or with lacy
  4. Turtlenecks: Let’s take it right back to a classic staple in any winter wardrobe. A turtleneck is classy and comfortable, which is a win in our book. Our top pick is the Montana Turtleneck Knitted Sweater with its bright colours and fun pattern.
  5. Cardigans: If you are someone who prefers to layer, then a cardigan is right up your alley. The beauty of a cardigan is that it can be dressed up or down and fits in just as well at the office as it does at home. We suggest our Zoey Striped Balloon Sleeve Cardigan for a trendy wardrobe update.

If you want to purchase gorgeous jerseys online, contact Lu-May Exclusive Wear today. And remember, we have a delivery and returns policy and will gladly assist should you need to return your purchased item.

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