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How To Stay Warm While Wearing Winter Dresses

Staying Warm with Winter Dresses

Summer has officially come and gone, so we are starting to pack away our shorts and beachwear and taking out our coats and knitwear. Many of us are even feeling a tinge of sadness at the thought of saying goodbye to our beautiful summer dresses.

Well, we at Lu-May Exclusive Wear have a secret to share – you can turn those stunning dresses into winter dresses. Yes, that’s right. You can wear a cute dress in the coldest months and still stay warm, you just need to know how.

How to Stay Warm While Wearing Winter Dresses

None of us enjoys getting cold shivers. That’s why we offer a wide selection of winter warmers to keep you cosy this season. But that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid those summery outfits, like dresses, altogether. We have compiled a list of how to stay warm in winter while wearing a dress:

  1. Winter dresses: First, let’s start with the basics. If you’re planning a wardrobe for a season, then you should simply shop for that season. While dresses are more often associated with a summer look, there are gorgeous warmer dresses that have been specifically designed for the winter months. For example, a knitted dress, like our Snow Babe Tie Knot Knitted Dress.
  2. Wear a cardigan: If you have a dress that you are simply dying to wear, but its sleeves are on the shorter side, never fear because the cardigan is here. A cardigan or camisole is a cute way to warm up any dress and still maintain your style. You can try out our Coffee Bay Knitted Cardigan for just such an occasion.
  3. Layer it up: In a country like South Africa, layering is always the smart choice. Even in winter, our weather can be quite inconsistent and it’s necessary to be able to pull on or take off a layer or two, as required. This look can be achieved with scarves, cardigans (Poland Open Front Cardigan), and more.
  4. Wear tights or leggings: Tights always look classy under a dress, and they keep you warm to boot. Should you choose fleece-lined options, you are guaranteed to stay nice and toasty this winter. Try out our Emma Watson Tummy Control Leggings for a stylish look with or without a dress.

If you’re ready to style up your winter dresses, visit or contact Lu-May today.

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