4 Facts about Swimwear

4 Interesting Facts about Swimwear

We all love swimwear and here at Lu-May Exclusive Wear certainly share that sentiment. And, honestly, what’s not to love? The beautiful shapes and colours, the reminder that it’s finally summer and you can laze around near the pool or beach, the confidence boost the right purchase gives you – the list is seemingly endless.

So, to pay respects to something that brings so much joy, we have decided to share some, fun, random, and interesting facts with you today.

  1. Bikinis Exploded onto the Scene

It may be hard to believe now, seeing as the modern era has become so body positive, but swimsuits were actually very conservative back in the day. In fact, when Louis Réard designed the two-piece that would become the bikini in 1946, it shocked the fashion world to its core. So, it is quite fitting that he named it after the islands in the Bikini Atoll where the atomic bomb was first tested by the U.S Military (You can read more about this in our “Know the Background of Swimwear” article).

Nowadays, bikinis have become a staple in swimwear fashion and are now used to give a woman confidence while strutting her stuff at the beach. Yet, we are proud to stock bikinis that will still “blow the competition out the water”, so to speak.

  1. Arrested Development

The evolution of swimwear was certainly an interesting one, though its development could, at times, be stunted by a more conservative audience. This was exactly the case in 1907, when Annette Kellerman, a world famous Australian swimmer, was arrested for wearing something considered “too revealing” for the time. The offending item: a one-piece swimsuit that didn’t cover her arms or legs. Luckily, today we as women are free to wear one-piece bathing suits and only cover up if it’s what we want.

  1. Expensive Taste

While most of us look for affordability along with high quality, there are some instances where money is clearly no object. This is seen with the world’s most expensive swimsuit: a platinum bikini decorated with over 150 carats of Steinmetz diamonds. This dazzling creation is worth $30 million dollars!

Here at Lu-May, we may not have diamond encrusted swimwear, but we still boast high quality, so we’re sure you won’t leave disappointed. Also, with high-waisted bikinis on offer for only R390, you won’t be breaking your bank balance anytime soon.

  1. Whatever Floats Your Boat (or Doesn’t)

You would think that, with a name like “swimwear”, that they would be comfortable to, well, swim in. However, this wasn’t always the case, especially when bathing suits first entered the scene. Back then, swimsuits were made out of heavy materials like flannel and wool, resembling gowns more than the swimwear we’re familiar with today. For the sake of propriety, women would often pair these heavy suits with accessories like pants, hats, and even shoes. Unfortunately, this meant that women also struggled to stay afloat while swimming. Some even took this a step further, like Martha Washington, who sewed weights into the hems of their skirts. This was done so that their skirts would not float up, but it certainly made swimming a challenge.

So, it’s plain to see that swimwear has undergone many changes over the years and that there’s actually a lot more to this seemingly simple item of clothing than meets the eye. You can learn more about swimsuits from our journal or you could contact us to purchase your own piece of history.

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