Trends in Women Swimwear

Get to Know the Trends in Women Swimwear

The December holidays are almost here! Yes, most offices are starting to wind down and most people have started to put in leave. It’s time to destress at the beach and, for women, swimwear season is back in full swing.

So, it only makes sense that you’d want to keep on top of all the trends in women’s swimwear. After all, you need to be able to strut your stuff properly. That’s why we only offer you the latest fashion swimwear.

What’s Trending in Women’s Swimming Apparel?

Let’s start with a new summer favourite, the drawstring swimsuit. This is perfect for everybody, in every shape and size, as its main characteristic is that it’s adjustable. This makes it much easier to find something that actually fits before you leave on vacation. Lu-May has a drawstring swim skirt for the ladies who want to add some sass to their classy look.

Another swimsuit type that is making rounds this beach season, is the wrap bikini. This swimsuit offers support in all the right places and is super flattering on most body types. Wrap costumes are also usually adjustable, so, once again, it’s easier to find the right fit for you. You’re guaranteed to feel sexy in our Wild Turn Wrap O-Ring bikini and, for those of you who aren’t bikini fans, we even have a wrap one piece on offer.

The next trend that we’ve been noticing is ribbed swimsuits. This fashion trend puts functionality first as the material can stretch to fit your shape, so you can walk around the coast with your confidence shining bright. These textures swimsuits are apparently also great for water sports due to their flexibility. If you want to join in on this trend, you can have a look at our Ocean Days Ribbed High Waist bikini or All for the Scallops Ribbed bikini.

Finally, cut outs are, well, in. They are a great way to add something unique to classic looks, and we love their individuality. In fact, we love this look so much that our O-Ring Detailed Monokini is now on sale.

So, come and visit a Lu-May Exclusive Wear store near you to stay on top of what’s hot in women’s swimwear this season. You can also contact us anytime.

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