Beachwear Trends of 2021

2021’s Beachwear Trends

Every year, we see trends in fashion come and go. This rings just as true in the world of beachwear. We all want to feel our best this summer, and the best way to do this is to keep track of all the latest trends.

Luckily for you, Lu-May keeps its finger on the pulse, so we can bring you all the latest in fashion swimwear, clothing, accessories and, of course, beachwear.

What’s In This Season?

Let’s take a close look at prints and colours. While styles seem to be the most important, it’s the patterning on the materials that really makes the statement. Prints are what sets an item apart and allow you to show off your unique identity. So, what’s in this season? Paisley and floral have made a comeback, which makes complete sense to us. Paisley, with its swirling patterns, is practically hypnotising to look at, and floral always brings some natural cheer to any look. If you’re looking to add these to your beachy wardrobe, we’d suggest checking out our paisley Bandeu Flair cover up or the tropical floral cover up.

Where colours are concerned, it seems that the two extremes of soft and bold are trending. Yes, that means filling your beachwear wardrobe with lovely pastels and bold two tones. Here at Lu-May, we love our pastels and have a range of options, from soft pink crochet sarongs to mint green tunics and everything in between. We also don’t shy away from the bolder colours; you simply need to have a look at our swim skirts and bottoms to see a multitude of the brightest colours you could imagine.

Another print that has been trending recently among the youth on Instagram is tie-dye. Yes, all those peaceful and fun “hippy” styles are making a comeback and, so, Lu-May has stocked up specially. We have a whole array of tie-dyed items available for you to buy, like our flowy kaftan collection.

So, stay on top of the fashion game and make a statement this season in your beachwear. Contact us today to check out what we have in stock, or come visit us at one of our convenient stores.

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