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Plus Size Swimwear

Breaking Society’s Standards with Plus Size Swimwear

If you open any magazine or scroll through any social media platform, you will probably be bombarded with the “perfect” female body. Well, at least according to very specific standards as laid out by the different industries. For example, reality TV tells us that we need the perfect curves of the Kardashians, whereas high fashion tells us we need to be super toned and practically perfect.

However, these unrealistic standards are starting to change, slowly but surely. The modern era has seen an amazing new wave of body positivity and Lu-May Exclusive Wear supports this 100%.

Inclusivity is Key with Plus Size Swimwear

It used to be a strange unspoken rule that bikinis were only for the extremely skinny. But, fashion should be about wearing what you want and still being able to feel good and comfortable. There isn’t such a thing as the “wrong” body, so why should it matter what you wear.

This is why offering inclusive options is so important. It allows everyone to feel included, as they deserve to be. Everybody deserves to find that perfect swimsuit without having to worry if it comes in their size.

Plus Size Yet Still Quality Swimwear

However, while we should be able to wear what we want, it is still important to remember the importance of quality. For example, if you’re are slightly larger in the bust area, you will need a bathing suit that offers support while still being comfortable. You could try out our Bianca Halter Neck Ruched One Piece or Banded Halter Neck High Waist Bikini to get that perfect combination of support and quality.

Then, of course, there’s also your curves to think about. It’s all about accentuating these gorgeous curves, so you will need something that takes your thoughts away from your self-perceived curves. For example, high waist bikinis are a great way to lengthen your legs, while tucking in your stomach at the same time. Our Rocky Bay Brazilian High Waist Bikini would be the perfect choice for this.

So, come and visit Lu-May’s stores; you can find the branch closest to you here. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our private consultations, where we could find you the perfect plus size swimwear fit.


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