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What to Look for When Buying Bikinis in South Africa

Buying Bikinis in South Africa

There’s no better way to spend summer than at the pool or beach. And, if you feel the same way it may be time to stock up on your bikini collection. But what should you look out for when buying bikinis in South Africa?

That is the question that plagues many a swimwear shopper and it can make an otherwise fun shopping experience stressful. We at Lu-May Exclusive Wear think it’s time to wave those shopping woes goodbye. We are going to tell you exactly what you should look out for when buying bikinis and how to avoid the extra stress.


What to Look for When Buying Bikinis in South Africa

It is one thing to find swimwear here in SA but knowing what to look for isn’t as simple. Keep these tips in mind:

Bikinis South Africa

  1. Size Does Matter. At Lu-May, we believe that every woman, no matter her size or shape, is beautiful. Know your exact measurements when it comes to shopping to eliminate frustrations like having to return an ill-fitting item. Being familiar with your body shape and type also means you will know exactly what style of bikini will accentuate your best features. If you have a larger bust, then a one-piece (like the Meeting Africa One Piece) is your perfect fit. A pear-shaped figure will benefit from strategic cutouts. The Florida Cut Out Monokini draws the eye to your best assets.
  2. Quality over Quantity. Quality is non-negotiable when shopping for bikinis. If you want your swimwear to last longer than a season, then consider the quality as well. Some things you can look out for are the materials used. When trying on a bikini, test out its stretch and durability. Check that it is stretchy without posing the risk of stretching out after a few wears. Also, avoid overly thin materials as they will inevitably start showing wear and tear in a short amount of time. Another way to check for quality is by looking at a shop’s reviews. For example, our Instagram and Facebook pages show great feedback from our happy customers.
  3. Online or Offline. When buying bikinis in South Africa, you should also be aware of what a store can offer you. Most shoppers prefer buying bikinis in person as this gives them an opportunity to try on the different options. However, online shopping has become increasingly popular and can yield more options than a physical store. So, make sure you are aware of your chosen store’s delivery and return If you shop at Lu-May’s online store, you can return or exchange a defective item within five days of the original purchase. When it comes to deliveries, we offer nationwide shipping and free shipping for all purchases of R1000 or more.
  4. Check the Price Tag. While we would all love to go shopping with an unlimited budget, the reality is that most of us need to keep money in mind. Although, this does not mean that you will have to sacrifice style and quality. Look for bikinis that will make you feel confident, fit you perfectly, and are reasonably priced.
  5. What You will be Doing. An important factor to consider when you are shopping for your perfect-fit bikini is what activities you will engage in while wearing it. Are you the active outdoor type who enjoys playing volleyball on the beach or do you prefer sipping cocktails on a lounger next to the pool? If you intend to run, play and splash, then consider a sturdier option that shouts comfort and offers great support.


If you are looking for a selection of bikinis in South Africa that will check all your boxes and that you will be excited to wear this summer, then contact us today.

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