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Rock Winter Dresses With Easy Styling Techniques

Easy Styling Techniques to Rock Dresses During Autumn and Winter

An elegant floral dress in pastel colours is not the first thing that comes to mind when jumping out of bed on a cold winter morning. But sometimes – even under gloomy skies with rain, hail or snow, all a woman wants is to climb into an elegant dress and feel feminine, even if it is just for the day or night. The good news is just because winter is on its way does not mean you must drown yourself in layers. You can wear dresses in winter and still be warm and comfortable.

Fashion Is Not What You Wear but How You Wear It 

There are two types of women: those who rock dresses in winter and those who only wear dresses in summer. Summer dresses are simple because it is all about staying breezy, which means wearing less. Winter is all about keeping warm. That means covering yourself in layers under and over your clothes. But what “pants girls” fail to realise is that skirts and dresses are the most versatile pieces of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe, and you must style it to make it appropriate for winter. That said, to ensure you get to rock your dress collection over winter, follow these styling techniques.

  1. Become BFFs with your black leggings
  2. Swap your ankles for tall boots or thigh-highs
  3. Learn to layer under and over with scarves
  4. Wrap up in a wool cardigan or classic coat
  5. Invest in a faux fur waistcoat
  6. Accessorise with bags, hats and belts

Invest in Dresses That Fit Your Body Type and Personality

For every woman, there is a dress style to make her look and feel fabulous. To find that perfect dress, you must know your body type – especially when shopping online. For instance, women with an apple-shaped body type should wear dresses that draw attention to their waste. While women with a full-bust and slimmer lower half need support in the bodice, which is what empire or A-line dresses do.

If you are pear-shaped, go loose on the hips with an A-line skirt, and if you are plus-size, a figure-hugging dress will look far more attractive than a loose-fitting dress. If you have an hourglass figure, you are lucky enough to rock any dress style, and petite ladies should show a little leg with an asymmetrical hemline.

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