14 Winter Wardrobe Tips

14 Winter Wardrobe Tips and Clothes Every Woman Should Have

And just like that, winter is at our doorstep again. South Africans live for their hot summer days, but they also love the breezy fashion that comes with the cool autumn months. The clothes are easy to wear, fabrics are thin and breathable, and you do not have to wear much to turn heads. However, as soon as the cold days arrive, winter clothes become slightly more challenging – especially with all those layers and layers.

South African women love to look stylish – it’s in our culture. But sometimes, it’s easier to jump out of bed and throw on that oversized, unflattering jersey followed by five layers, leaving you feeling frumpy and unattractive. If you’re one of many women looking to fight the cold weather without sacrificing your fashion sense, turn your wardrobe around with these fourteen autumn and winter wardrobe tips and must-have’s:

  1. Thermal up
  2. Layer like a pro
  3. Always include a cashmere jersey
  4. Invest in a wool-lined puffer jacket
  5. Sport a cashmere or wool beanie
  6. Get a classic wool statement coat
  7. Oversized long-sleeve shirts
  8. Blanket wrap scarf
  9. Add style with boots and belts
  10. Invest in a knitted sweater dress
  11. Experiment with scarves
  12. Sport pastels and textures
  13. Mix and match clothes
  14. Add style with a cropped button-up cardigan

Do not let the cold months be an excuse to lose your summer style. Whether you’re dressing for the downtown edge, up-street, the office or home – autumn and winter are incredible seasons for sporting pastel colours, textures and high fashion. From chic skinny jeans, pashminas, and classic wool coats to trendy knitwear and jerseys in natural yarns that are comfortable and long-lasting – you have many options to stay polished and warm.

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