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2 Tips When Choosing Lasting Jerseys

Knitwear 101: 2 Tips to Choosing Jerseys That Last Longer than a Season

Winter is finally at our doorstep, and you couldn’t be more excited as this is the season to indulge in knitwear. So much so, you recently bought a stylish ethereal, body enveloping jersey for top dollar at a quality retailer. But after a couple of washes, the jersey resembles nothing like the one you chose on the rack. To ensure this never happens again, select your knitwear with these two tips in mind.

Natural Wools Are Comfortable and Long-Lasting

Although there isn’t a universally inferior fabric for jerseys, knitwear in acrylic, rayon, or polyester rarely last longer than a season. If you want a jersey that will last several seasons, stay clear of synthetic polyesters and instead go for natural with yarns like cashmere and real wool. Whereas lower quality fibres and blends always feel stiffer, organic wool is soft and breathable. Wearing well over time, natural yarns allow the wearer to hold perspiration, which requires less washing – unlike synthetics.

Pay Attention to Texture and Body Type

Texture and volume can make a real difference in the way you look and feel. The type of pattern you choose will shape your silhouette, which is why you must buy a jersey that complements your body type and bust size. For instance, if you are curvaceous, invest in fluid patterns as these slim the figure. If you have a petite body type, choose fine knits with little texture, and if you are tall, chunky cable knits will flatter.

There is nothing as snug as top quality, cosy jerseys in the right quality knit in soft cotton, wool, cashmere, mohair or cotton blends. Versatile enough to wear from home to office, a figure-hugging or long, loose-fit jersey or cardigan teamed with boyfriend jeans, floral pants or leggings, or a knitted turtleneck with a pair of skinny or tailored pants always give the appearance of polish and style throughout the winter months.

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