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Where To Find Designer Winter Dresses

Designer Winter Dresses: Where to Find Them and How to Choose Them

A season of hibernation and rejuvenation – winter is finally at our doorstep. That means it is time to gear up for a season of hot chocolate, binge-watching the latest award-winning series or movie, and roaring indoor fires. It is also a time to pack away your summer beachwear and dresses and lug all your winter clothes and blankets down from the attic. However, you recently received a wedding invite from your cousin who is having a winter wedding. Here lies the problem: you are not a pants girl, you are single, and the wedding is in winter and the middle of a forest somewhere in the country. Where will you find a winter gown?


Take Your Search Online

While summer may scoop the accolade for being the best season to frock it up, winter holds its own. The trick is to know where to shop and how to style your dress. SA commercial big-box retailers focus on quantity over quality, which are reasons most SA women turn to overseas online retailers for dresses, jackets, jerseys, and boots. Not only is the quality far superior – lasting for years instead of seasons, but online retailers offer variety. Instead of choosing between only a selected handful of dresses, you get to choose from hundreds of designer dresses in styles and colours you will not find in malls. For instance, Lu-May Exclusive Wear provides a collection for every occasion – from fun and flirty to elegant and classic. You will not find any of these dresses, coats, or long-sleeves in any in-store retailer in South Africa.


Choose Style and Colour Carefully

There is no such thing as the perfect body type, but in the world of women’s wear, there are around six body types that range from apple, pear, athletic, hourglass, to name a few. By knowing your body shape, you can draw attention away from your worst by accentuating your best, so look for dresses that fit and flatter your every curve. If chosen correctly, colour is another powerful tool. Most women feel secure in black, but if you’re not into playing it safe and you’re petite, trade loud colours for softer winter shades. If you’re the skinny type, climb into pastel-colour dresses, and stick to red dresses if you’re a red-head or brunette. Last, turquoise, burnt-orange, and metallic or gold champagne will look radiantly spellbinding on black, brown or olive skin tones.


We Carry a Huge Selection of Designer Dresses for Every Season and Occasion

At Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we offer more women’s fashion collections than any other big-box clothing retailer – and at wholesale prices too. Whether you’re after lingerie, skirts, dresses or blouses, our clothing caters to different personal tastes, silhouettes, and sizes. Along with accessibility – removing the need to take your chances on SA’s postal service, we always offer jaw-dropping sales and discounts that will save you hundreds or even thousands each year. Minimising the need to pay in-store salaries, we have lower overheads. That means our prices are much more economical than our competitors.

We also have an informative blog with style tips and sizing guides to ensure you purchase the correct size and style. However, should you buy the incorrect garment style or size, we provide easy and fast returns. And we offer a FREE door-to-door delivery service, adding further convenience.

To see what we have to offer you, check out our latest winter dresses, jackets, jerseys, skirt and so on to ensure that your winter wardrobe gives you that picture-perfect look this season.

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