4 Reasons To Shop for Clothes Online

4 Reasons Shopping for Clothes Online Beats Mall Trekking

Do you enjoy buying designer clothes but dislike driving from mall to mall to find them? The retail market is witnessing a drastic increase in consumers choosing to buy online rather than in-store. Why? Although COVID-19 set e-Commerce on an upward trajectory, online clothing shopping offers countless benefits that mall trekking just can’t beat – with or without COVID-19.


  1. Convenience and Variety

Since the rise of e-Commerce, millions of retailers – local and high-street, are following suit. South Africans no longer need to order through Big Box online shops to buy international brands. South African retailers are on-trend, making it easy to buy anything online from the convenience of your couch. That means zero traffic, parking wars, crowds, skimming through rails and rails, and change room queues. Further, you get access to all the latest sales and discounts.

  1. Click – Pay – Delivery!

Have you tried to get a parcel delivered from the US to SA lately? Not only is it unaffordable, but it’s also risky. That is one of the reasons women prefer to buy their designer clothes online. It is easy, safe, and you get free national shipping—a primary driver for online purchases.

  1. Lower Prices

One of the most prominent perks of buying clothes online is the price tag, as the lower costs of running an online clothing store versus in-store translate to massive savings for the consumer. Online retailers pass discounts and sales to you, allowing anyone on a tight budget to buy international style and quality.

  1. Sizing Guides 

80% of women often buy the wrong size – and that is after trying the clothing item on in the change rooms. Interestingly, most women do not know their ever-changing measurements. The perk of buying blouses, jeans, bras, and swimwear online is the sizing guide provided on the website. All you need is a quality measuring tape, and you will never have to bother with returns.

e-Commerce shows zero signs of slowing down – especially in the face of a “New Normal”. If you’re a stylish woman looking for a shop with more selections than any other Big Box in-store clothing giant – you’re guaranteed to find the item in the right colour, style and size at Lu-May Exclusive Wear.

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