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9 Types of Winter Jerseys at Lu-May Exclusive Wear

Designer Knitwear: 9 Types of Winter Jerseys to Find at Lu-May Exclusive Wear

It has been a fabulous summer, and even autumn was a breeze of a season. But as winter sets her anchor, she brings cold temperatures. That means it’s time to pack your beachwear and summer clothes away and haul out your warm knitwear – minus the mothballs, of course. From fuzzy coats to thigh-high boots – winter is finally back, and so are those big, comfy oversized jerseys.

Swung, wrapped, draped or thrown over a sweater, there is nothing as snug as quality knitwear. A jersey is your best accessory, especially when in soft cotton, wool, cashmere or mohair. From fun patchwork pullovers to classic textured cardigans – today’s jerseys flaunt form, function, comfort and style. Whether you’re looking to rock knitwear this winter for leisure wear or in the office – or both, here is the sneak peek at the type of knitwear you will find online at Lu-May Exclusive Wear.

  1. Oversized Jersey Coats
  2. Cable Knit Cardigan Sweaters
  3. Chunky Knit Sweaters
  4. Argyle and Paisley Jerseys
  5. Floral Quilted Jackets
  6. Tunics and Turtlenecks
  7. Oversized Braided Jerseys
  8. Box-Cut Pullovers
  9. Statement Sleeve Cardigans


Lu-May Stocks Hundreds of Jerseys in Every Size and Style

Although fashion is forever changing, one thing we can depend on is that style comes and goes. The knitwear that influenced the fashion scene in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and Y2K will continue to reappear and disappear. But one item that remains on-trend – every winter without fail, is the loyal and very much-loved jersey. At Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we are one of SA’s top online clothing retailers, stocking hundreds of jerseys in every size and style imaginable.

Sizing Guides, Easy Returns and Free Door-to-Door Delivery

As a leading importer and online shop of designer ladies’ swimwear, lingerie, and leisure, office and nightwear, we carry more high-fashion selections than any other Big Box clothing retailer. Further, our knitwear prices beat Big Box retailers, and we provide easy sizing guides, returns, and FREE door-to-door delivery. We also have an informative blog with styling and buying advice and tips.

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