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Accessorising with Jewellery

  • No matter what your style or fashion choices, jewellery can elevate your entire look. It’s all about knowing the art of accessorising. Here at Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we know how accessories can enhance any outfit. They can transform it into one that is chic and elegant. The right piece can take jeans and a blouse from an everyday look to a fun date-night outfit.


Enhancing Your Outfit with the Right Jewellery Pieces

We know that accessorising can seem intimidating to some, which is exactly why we have compiled a helpful step-by-step list that should make it easier to choose your jewellery combinations.

  • Step 1: Your Personal Style.

    You need to know and understand your own style before you can choose what to add to it. Finding your personal style can be as easy as answering a couple of questions. Do you prefer a minimalist, or classic style and do you see yourself as more artistic or natural? Once that has been determined, you have to look at the style of jewellery you prefer. Do you like chunky pieces or sleeker pieces? Perhaps you prefer silver to gold. Whatever your tastes, know that Lu-May has you covered with nationwide shipping and a vast selection ranging from necklaces to rings.

  • Step 2: Your Outfit.

    Now it all comes down to the specific outfit you have decided to put on that day. After all, you want your jewellery to complement your clothing and not detract from it or get lost in the folds of material. So think about the patterns and colours you have chosen to incorporate before choosing accessories. And always remember to balance your looks. In other words, pair bold outfits with simpler jewellery and simple outfits with bolder pieces. You could also try colour blocking by adding pops of colour to a monochrome look or having all the colours match in shades. Our selection of clay earrings works perfectly for this.

  • Step 3: The Occasion.

    Similar to knowing what you’re wearing, it’s important to know where you are going. Always know what the dress code is before you attend any event or you may just find yourself in an embarrassing fashion faux pas. You may want to keep things more elegant for something more formal and bring on the more colourful pieces for cocktails with the girls.

  • Step 4: The Proportions.

    It is good to know the size and scale of your jewellery and your own body type. For example, if you have more prominent shoulders. A statement ring, like our pearl ring, will draw more attention to your hands. A shorter necklace, like our rose golden leaves necklace, is ideal for a more pear-shaped silhouette as it draws more attention to the face.

  • Step 5: Invest in Timeless Pieces.

    • Jewellery | Accessories | Enhance Your Outfit

    The classics are considered classic for a very good reason: they simply work. While it is always fun to keep up with all the latest trends in fashion, timeless pieces will never go out of style. This means you will be able to wear them for years to come. So, consider trying out our Twirls diamond earrings for a fun twist on the classic diamond stud.

So, you can see why we consider matching jewellery to an outfit an art form in its own right. At Lu-May we bring you all of the latest trends, from jewellery, swimwear, dresses and more. You can visit our store in Pretoria or shop online where we provide you with clear pictures and detailed descriptions to make your shopping experience easy and fun. If you would like to add your own statement and timeless pieces to your wardrobe, contact us today.