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Beachwear | Women Swimwear | Dos and Don’ts

Beachwear Dos and Don’ts

As much as it can feel fantastic to don the perfect outfit to the beach, it can feel horrible to commit a beachwear faux pas. Luckily, we here at Lu-May Exclusive Wear consider ourselves experts when it comes to fashion and can help you find the perfect beachwear for your holiday.


Beachwear Faux Pas to Avoid

It can be extremely anxiety-inducing to brave the sheer amount of beachwear options out there. But knowing what the dos and don’ts are can be a lifesaver. This is exactly why we have decided to give you some useful tips and tricks that will make your beach holiday a stress-free experience.

  • Don’t: Wear Something Overly Revealing.

    Going to the beach on a hot day is the perfect time to wear your favourite swimsuit. The key is to have the perfect balance between the latest trends and comfort. Wearing a bikini that is revealing while trying to relax next to the pool or on the beach could lead to an embarrassing number of slips and readjustments. Relaxing means being comfortable in whatever it is that you are wearing.

Do: Cover Up a Bit.

The easiest way around this is to either choose women’s swimwear that is not overly revealing, like a one-piece or a tankini, or you could choose bikini cuts that are slightly more modest and comfortable.

  • Don’t: Wear Oversized Costumes.

    We know how tricky it can be to strut your stuff on the beach while still feeling confident. Unfortunately, unlike the safety that can be found in an oversized T-shirt or sweater, saggy swimwear is not a great solution. While also looking dishevelled, it can actually lead to some awkward fashion malfunctions, such as certain areas of your body slipping out of an oversized bikini top.

Do: Wear More Form Fitting Attire.

The beach is the one place where wearing form-fitting material is actually very beneficial to even the most body-conscious person. This is because, much like shapewear, a form-fitting swimsuit can actually smooth down areas you may want hidden and accentuate areas you’d like to show off. If the quality of the fabric is as excellent as what we have in stock at Lu-May, you really have nothing to worry about.

  • Don’t: Get Uneven Tan Lines.

    It can be so lovely being on holiday. Spending a day lazing on the beach, trying to get that perfect tan, and then going out for dinner at a local restaurant. But imagine getting to the restaurant, only to realise that your gorgeous sundress has revealed all the uneven and awkwardly placed tan lines from the previous day. Not only is this super embarrassing, but it takes forever to get rid of those lines, meaning you may feel the need to cover up for weeks to come.

Do: Go Strapless.Beachwear | Women Swimwear | Dos and Don’ts

If you do decide to tan, we suggest trying out swimsuits that are strapless. Our Kruger bandeau mid-cut bikini is perfect for tanning. Also, try to avoid swimwear that has any fancy cut-outs or patterns. As gorgeous as a cut-out monokini or one-piece is, it may not be right for a day of tanning. Also remember to put on plenty of sunscreen during the day, in between your tanning sessions. Nothing ruins a vacation quite like a blistering sunburn.

At Lu-May we understand that finding the perfect swimsuit is not easy. If you found one that you absolutely love, but unfortunately ordered the wrong size our returns policy gives you the advantage of returning it for the perfect fit.

So, if you want to have the perfect holiday in the perfect beachwear, contact Lu-May today. Or you can visit our online store and get your items delivered directly to your door with our handy nationwide shipping.

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