Women’s Clothing in Winter

How to Wear Women’s Clothing in Winter

This winter must be one of the coldest ones in a long time. While this may be slightly dramatic, we can all admit that going outside has not been pleasant lately. The freezing winds, icy rain and the fact that you can’t snuggle up in your winter onesie in public can quickly make one long for warmer weather. This is the conundrum that plagues all the fashionistas out there every winter: How can you stay warm and comfortable in the chill, but wear on-trend women’s clothing? That’s where Lu-May Exclusive Wear comes in. We believe that it is well within your reach to look super stylish while still staving off frostbite and we are happy to share our winter tricks.

Women’s Clothing Winter-Warmer Tips

What to wear in winter? Do you choose the sleek, fashionable route and deal with the frosty effects thereof? Or do you bundle up so heavily that any hope of accentuating your best features is lost? There are quite a few ways to make winter women’s clothing fun again:

  • Multiply those layers:

Women’s Clothing

Layering your clothing items is much-need during winter. Luckily, if you layer the right way, you won’t have to worry about looking dishevelled. The trick is to start with a thin layer closest to your skin to ensure that you’re not too warm when the sun peeks out. Try a piece that you can comfortably add layers to, like our Rosalie Ribbed Turtleneck Top. The middle layer should add insulation, so it should be slightly thicker. Something like the Sandton Fleece Sweatshirt is perfect for this. Finally, add the outer layer (if you need it) to protect you from the chilly wind. A versatile and stylish coat will do the trick. Have a look at our Clara Button Down.

  • Wool for the win:

Wool is a staple material in the colder months. It keeps moisture away from your body and insulates well, so you will stay toasty and dry. Well-fitting knitwear tends to add a touch of style and can be dressed up or down. A fantastic example is our oh-so-flattering Mia Braided Jersey.

  • Tight is the way to go:

Tighter clothing is a great way to keep warm as it hugs your body and prevents wind from sneaking through. Also, tighter bottoms tend to pair well with oversized jerseys – a women’s clothing trend that takes overcome winter. Just imagine how amazing you’d look when pairing our Carnival Button Detail Skinny Pants with the Jennifer Cut Out Detailed Sweater.

  • Say goodbye to cotton:

Cotton may seem like a great option, but it tends to retain moisture. This means that it will actually make you feel colder than necessary. Save cotton for those in-between months when the weather is changing.

  • Pair sweaters and skirts:

Many people avoid this look thinking that it doesn’t pair well, but it can, and it does. Just make sure that you either use a tighter skirt or simply tuck your sweater in to balance out the look. Don’t forget your tights or stockings to keep your legs nice and warm. Try our Lara Pleated High Waist Skirt with our Selena Balloon Sleeve Sweater and a sleek pair of boots.

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There’s no need for your look to be as dull and drab as the colder season. Refresh your winter wardrobe with Lu-May’s gorgeous women’s clothing. Contact us today or start shopping our winter women’s clothing collection now.

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