Essential Winter Women’s Clothing

5 Essential Winter Women’s Clothing Pieces You Need in Your Closet


There is nothing wrong with having a few staples for your winter closet, and most people hardly ever shop until their pair of boots or overcoat shows some wear. On the other hand, it is always a great idea to bag a good deal when you spot one – and there is nothing like the feeling of owning a few new snazzy items for the season. If you are looking at updating your winter and autumn closet, have a peek at our list of essential women’s clothing pieces without which you simply cannot do.


  1. The Classic Cardigan

Cardigans are one of the more popular winter women’s clothing options, as they instantly elevate any ensemble. A longer cardigan also creates a slimming effect and the illusion of length – and finding one in the right colour means you can pair it with any outfit. Throw it together with some jeans, a long skirt, or even a woollen dress and you’re set. The best part is that cardigans keep the biting chill at bay without looking frumpy and unshapely.


  1. The Casual Hoodie

A quick trip to the store or early morning hike is not enough to warrant a full-glam outfit but you still want to look your best – and this where hoodies are fantastic. Disregard, too, the idea that hoodies are always oversized and reserved for teenage boys and younger men – anyone can wear one with style. Hoodies are a great women’s clothing option because many are form-fitting and offer practical features like drawstrings and pockets, and the best part is your head need never get cold.


  1. The Versatile Sweatshirt

Whether you’re going out to dinner, having a meeting at work, or lounging about the house, sweatshirts are the perfect in-between winter item. In fact, many would argue a sweatshirt is at the top of your essential women’s clothing list. Some ladies prefer them plain, others like them with a cowl neck or in stark colour block patterns – there are endless options. When selecting a sweatshirt, it might be easy to order a size too big because it seems more forgiving, but keep in mind the best way to accentuate your shape is to find options in your size that work well for your figure.


  1. The Snug Turtleneck

Ever since Audrey Hepburn solidified the classic black turtleneck in the minds of fashionistas worldwide, women’s winter clothing has always featured the design each season. It’s not just about how elegant it looks, though, turtlenecks keep the cold away from your face and chest and look ultra-snug when complemented by a lovely scarf and the right accessories.


  1. The Easy-to-Wear Jersey

It doesn’t get more classic or universal than a jersey, does it? The trick to purchasing a jersey lies in a fabric that feels great and a colour or pattern that is currently in vogue. While you cannot go wrong with a solid shade, sleeve details are in this season too.  Find one or two jerseys that work well with all the other items in your winter closet.


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