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Formal Floral Dresses

Making Floral Dresses Formal

It is pleasantly warm out there and, as such, floral dresses have almost certainly moved to the front of your wardrobe. We can see why they remain a favourite go-to summertime trend – they are fun and flirty and add that little something extra to summer dresses.

However, you rarely see flowery dresses styled as elegant formal wear. At Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we are in love with the idea of turning your floral dresses into chich evening outfits.

Formalising Your Florals

While some say that patterns tend to date an outfit more than solid colours would, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a workaround. All it takes is the correct styling and fabrics, and you could have a stunning outfit for your next wedding invite or evening occasion.Floral Dresses

  1. Choose the correct fabric. The material a dress is made of can make a huge difference in its appearance. More expensive and formal fabrics will be right at home on a fancier occasion. So, keep your eyes open for velvet, silk, satin, and even linen. A perfect example is our silky Kitchen Tea Mesh Mini Dress with floral detailing. It is the perfect dress for a summer event and the unique crocheted details add an air of romantic style.
  2. Choose the correct cut. At the end of the day, any dress can easily look formal if the style and cut of the dress read “high-class”. A fitted dress tends to look more dramatic and formal than a loose dress, and particular cuts lend themselves well to a timeless, classy style. Our feminine Honeymoon Dreams Mini Dress demonstrates how the right cut can make all the difference. The Miracle Lace Sleeve Bodycon Dress with floral lace sleeves perfectly highlights how a fitted garment can make your entire look more put-together.
  3. Choose the correct pattern. Patterns can also determine the type of setting for your outfit. For example, big and bold flowers may seem too ‘loud’ for a wedding and subtlety may be the key when it comes to formality. Just take a look at the Something Extra Side Slit Maxi Dress. With pretty accessories and a pair of strappy heels, this flowy dress will add a touch of softness and elegance to any formal affair.
  4. Choose the correct accessories. Often the difference between a casual day outfit and a formal evening look is in the right accessories. If you know how to style floral dresses, then you will be able to turn a casual look into a formal one in a few easy steps. Simply add a trendy tote bag (like our Basic Tote Marble) and blazer to your ensemble for an instant chic look. A belt (like the Layla-505) is also a perfect way to cinch the waist and create a form-fitting floral ensemble. Of course, a good pair of heels is always a go-to, but, if you prefer comfort, a gorgeous pair of pumps (like the Tapered Mule) can elevate your outfit too.

If you want to take floral dresses to the next level, contact us today,  and,  with nationwide shipping, you can enjoy a convenient online shopping experience with us.

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