Flaunt Your Identity With Ladies Swimwear at Lu-May

Flaunt Your Identity with Swimwear

The winter months are finally coming to an end and soon we will get to enjoy some fun in the sun. For many women, this means one thing: it’s time to get bikini-body ready. But, is that really all ladies swimwear is good for? Do you only shine in your swimwear if you’re flaunting a specific body type and are perfectly sun-kissed?

The answer is, thankfully, no! Here at Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we believe that ladies swimwear should emulate your unique identity. You should enjoy yourself without trying to look perfectly put-together (though, if you invest in a piece from our Summer Swimwear Collection, you won’t help but look positively gorgeous).

What’s Trendy?

Now, for those avid fashionistas, you might want to know what’s currently on-trend when it comes to ladies’ swimwear. While there may be some who want to march to the beat of their own drum, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to sport the latest trends either. What matters is how you as an individual feel in your ladies swimwear.

All it takes is a quick perusal of Instagram to see what all the top influencers are wearing. For example, off-the-shoulder one-piece swimwear is very popular this year. It’s a sexy look and reveals a little without exposing too much. If that sounds like a trend that suits your style, why not check out our Deep Blue Sea Banded One Piece?

Never forget that vintage is also making a huge comeback, so keep an eye out for floral prints and high waists. If this retro vibe is making you feel groovy, you’d be delighted to know that we have an entire collection dedicated to high-waist ladies swimwear or you can type “floral” into our convenient search bar and peruse our stylish options.

Maximum Comfort and Confidence

No matter your style, you should wear it loud and proud. At Lu-May, we promise to cater to your unique fashion tastes and needs. We believe that all women deserve to look and feel their best.

Comfort is key! Nothing is worse than looking pretty in your swimwear while out and about, only to feel that uncomfortable pinching, tugging and pulling that comes with wearing ill-fitting swimming attire. This is no good for your confidence or comfort while lazing on the beach or lounging poolside. This is why our ladies swimwear items are padded – for your confidence, comfort and convenience.

Now, you might be scrolling through our online store admiring all the amazing ladies swimwear options, but wondering if Lu-May stocks items in your size range. Of course, we have you sorted! Lu-May prides itself in catering to various shapes and sizes. Our ladies swimwear sizes range from small to extra-large, and we also stock chic maternity swimsuits.

Whatever your size requirements, we are always happy to assist. We have a guideline of sizes, and we even give you the cut or style. In other words, we inform you whether the styling is skimpy, fitted, and more.

No matter your preferences, style or shape, we want to assist you in finding the right fit and look for you. Feel free to contact us and don’t forget to shop our swimwear for sale.

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