Swimwear in South Africa

It’s Swimwear Season!

When you think “swimwear South Africa”, what comes to mind? Bright colours, bold patterns, and, naturally, sun, sun and more sun! Lu-May Exclusive Wear is proudly local. Peruse our website and you will find a whole list of options from the country’s favourite online shop and women’s clothing boutique.

Swimwear in South Africa

As a proudly local clothing boutique, we have branches located in Kempton Park, Pretoria, Nelspruit and Middelburg. We here at Lu-May guarantee that we stock the best quality swimwear in South Africa, so you can always feel secure knowing that you will be clothed in the finest, most fashionable swimsuits of the season.

If you prefer to shop at local stores, and not to spend your hard-earned money on expensive international brands, not to worry. Lu-May offers you excellent quality apparel, and you can still get it all online (what a bonus!). All you have to do is type “swimwear South Africa” into your search engine and we’ll be there, directing you to any one of our convenient locations and our shopper-friendly website.

Local Knows Best

We all know the saying “local is lekker”, but it’s so much more than that. Buying from stores that actually pride themselves on being local gives a whole new meaning to swimwear in South Africa. It can be swimsuits dedicated to the women in our country. Even our gorgeous brand ambassadors are local influencers.

We have a sunny climate and colourful people, and the swimsuits you choose should reflect that. Swimwear in South Africa should be made up of striking patterns and bright colours. From our stylish tankini collection to our vibrant one-piece swimsuits, you will never be left wanting for more.

So, support the best that local retailers have to offer! Come visit us at Lu-May Exclusive Wear, shop online or give us a call. Our trained staff is always happy to assist new and existing customers.

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