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3 Reasons to Buy Clothes Online at Lu-May

3 Valuable Reasons to Buy Clothes Online at Lu-May

Are you one of many South African women that struggle to find clothes to suit your body type? Well, you are not alone. Although women try to adapt to limited offerings, the problem is that big-box retailers only design and manufacture clothes for generic body types. South African big-box retail female clothing standards base their measurements on what they consider to be the ideal western figure that and let’s be honest, few South African women have.

As one of the leading online clothing retailers for women, the team at Lu-May Exclusive Wear understands the struggles mothers, teenagers, young adults, and businesses women face when buying clothes in-store. Not only can ill-fitting clothes and changing room mirrors damage a woman’s confidence levels, leaving her depressed and sad about her body, but it means she must spend more money to get the garment tailored to suit her body type. That is just not fair, but you do not have to put up with it anymore. In an eCommerce-driven world, we offer you three reasons to kick in-store fashion to the curb and buy your clothes online at Lu-May.

  1. Sizing Guides Ensure Clothing Fits Flawlessly

At Lu-May, we believe that a great-fitting dress emphasises a woman’s natural beauty and boosts her confidence. Because confidence comes from highlighting the features you love most instead of hiding the ones you like the least and knowing your body type helps determine which styles suit your body best. Our sizing guides arm you with the tools to ensure you buy a dress, swimming costume or blouse that fits your body flawlessly.

  1. Imported Clothing Collections Not Found In-Store

South African women are fashion-forward, and they also love to walk into a room wearing a unique outfit. Women are no longer settling for inferior-quality clothing in limited styles at astronomical prices, which is why they shop for clothes online at our online store. Along with the convenience of shopping from your couch in your track pants, we offer more clothing selections than any other SA big-box clothing retailer.

  1. No Big-box Retailer Beats Our Prices, Sales and Discounts

Lu-May Exclusive Wear is one of SA’s top clothing retailers for women, stocking all the latest spring, summer, autumn and winter apparel collections in every size and style. And we offer the best jaw-dropping prices. Along with sizing guides, clothing variety, and our easy payments and returns, we always offer excellent sales, and we are forever giving away discounts to our customers who shop for clothes online.

If you enjoy buying quality designer clothes but dislike driving from mall to mall to find them, then get inspired and shop for clothes online at Lu-May. And, if you are in the mood for a pleasant in-person shopping experience, visit one of our branches. Do not miss out on our winter sales and discounts. Not only do we carry all the latest fashion styles, but they come in various colours and sizes.

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