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Women’s Cardigans | Styling Tips for Every Occasion

How to Style Women’s Cardigans for Every Occasion

It’s no secret that women’s cardigans are comfortable winter staples that we enjoy slouching around in at home, but they are also some of the most versatile winter wear items you can have in your closet. At Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we love clothing items that are cosy and comfortable and can be styled for any occasion and still look fashionable.

Tips for Styling Women’s Cardigans

Women’s cardigans are amazingly versatile, so there is no need to look frumpy or outdated when you throw on your favourite one. Knowing how to style them and what to pair them with can be a wonderful help when dressing for your day-to-day activities. Let’s take a look at how you can wear your cardigan for every occasion.

Styling Tip #1: Add a Hint of Sexy with a Crop Top  

Crop tops are on-trend and we understand the hype. They are fun, flirty and can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair them with. If you don’t like the idea of showing off your entire midriff, then you can easily avoid it because crop tops come in a variety of cuts, including ones that barely show off the mid-section. Choose our elegant Outing Rib Knit Crop Top and pair it with our In Love Striped Print Long Cardigan for a classy yet sexy anytime look.

Styling Tip #2: Opt for a Shorter Cardigan for Versatility

Long cardigans are popular because they are so comfortable. But don’t overlook the shorter, trimmed cardigans. This tasteful style adds a touch of class to any outfit and, as such, can be paired with almost anything, from casual jeans to a fancy slip dress for an evening out. If this appeals to you, take a look at our Mayday Ribbed Open Front Knit Cardigan.

Styling Tip #3: Make Your Everyday Jeans Stylish with a Cardigan

When it comes to styling a cardigan for everyday wear, you can amp up your casual jeans by throwing on a cosy cardigan. Nothing is boring about this outfit, as your jeans will look chic, while still being practical enough for a quick grocery run. We would suggest the beautifully textured Berlin Plaid Knitted Long Open Front cardigan or the vibrant Afriski Chevron Contrast Buttoned Cardigan.

Styling Tip #4: Layer Your Winter Wear for Added Warmth

With chilly mornings and warmer afternoons, layering is simply the way to go in winter and cardigans are perfect for this. Layering can keep you warm while also adding interesting dimensions to your outfits. Wear a collared top (like the Cape Front Button Collar Knit Top) underneath your favourite buttoned cardigan (like the Cooler Nights Pocketed High Low Cardigan). To fight the chill, wear a cardigan over a blouse, and add a coat so you are toasty for those winter evening soirées.

Styling Tip #5: Style Your Cardigan for the Office

Cardigans may seem overly casual for an office environment, but, when styled correctly, that’s not the case. Pair a simple cardigan with a neat pair of pants and heels, and you will be looking just as smart as anyone in a blazer. In fact, why not pair your cardigan with a blazer? Wearing a neatly buttoned cardigan underneath a work jacket can give a cosy spin to your office wardrobe. Our Saturday Nights Lapel Long Sleeve Blazer would be perfect for this particular look and could pair well with any of our gorgeous cardigans.

Styling Tip #6: Get Creative with an Off-the-shoulder Look

On those warmer winter afternoons when the sun is out, and there is nothing but a light breeze blowing, you can opt for an off-the-shoulder look when wearing your cardigan. Copy those trendy Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers by wearing your cardigan off the shoulder. It adds a feminine and flirty flavour to your winter outfit and you can cover up easily if the chill picks up again.

If you are looking to stock your winter wardrobe with women’s cardigans as a stylish fashion staple for the colder months, then shop with us today and take advantage of our nationwide shipping.

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