Women’s Knitwear | 2023 Trending Styles

Trending Women’s Knitwear Styles in 2023

The 2023 winter has not been for the faint-hearted and, with more cold fronts heading our way, cosy women’s knitwear should be at the top of your shopping list. Thankfully, cosy does not need to mean frumpy. Knitwear can be chic and fashion-forward and, at Lu-May Exclusive Wear, it is our mission to exemplify trendy style no matter how chilly it may be.

Women’s Knitwear StylesTrendy Ways to Wear Women’s Knitwear

To keep ahead in the fashion world, it helps to know what’s trending. What is “in” this winter and why can be difficult to predict, but our list can point you in the right direction for easy shopping and fashionable styling.

  1. Keep Things Varied. To avoid the bland everyday look that can take over in winter wardrobes, you may want to consider shaking things up. Alternating textures in a jersey can really draw attention and give an entirely new aesthetic to an outfit. Also, look for women’s knitwear that makes use of varied colours and alternating patterns. A good example is the Mia Loose Fit Striped Jersey which combines alternating coloured stripes with a ribbed material and an off-the-shoulder cut.
  2. Keep Things Bright. Winter can often be associated with dull and muted colours, such as grey, so why not stand out from the crowd with some pops of colour? Bright colours are not only eye-catching, but they can also highlight some of your key features. This means you will feel confident while also spreading some joy during the chilly season. Remind yourself of warmer months with our Mia Braided Knitted Jersey in green.
  3. Keep It Half-Zipped. Sweaters are always a popular women’s knitwear item and, this year, the half-zipped look appears to be trending. It gives a sweater a more practical look and allows you more control than with a pullover jersey. Pair it with a shirt underneath that you can choose to reveal by pulling the zipper down slightly.
  4. Keep It Oversized. Chunky and oversized outfits have been all the rage in 2023. From long-sleeved tops to shoes, the bigger they are, the better. This is especially the case when the oversized item is paired with tighter-fitting pieces, creating a chic, balanced look. Why not try out the look with our Parker Lightweight Knit Oversize Top?
  5. Keep Trousers Knitted. Comfort has become a deciding factor in many fashion trends lately, and we can thank Gen Z for that. They started it all with active-leisure wear and now it is part of a stylish winter wardrobe with knitted trousers. It truly is an item that you can wear both at home and while out on the town.
  6. Keep Your Dresses. Many people say goodbye to dresses when summer leaves us, but you really don’t have to. Knitted sweater dresses are taking the fashion world by storm and we can see why. It offers the style of a dress combined with the comfort of normal winter wear. You can pair them with practically anything, from stockings and tight pants to chunky ankle boots and sleek thigh-highs. You can even turn an oversized jersey into a dress if you’d like.

Are you on the prowl for cosy women’s knitwear this winter, then visit one of our stores or shop online today. We ship nationwide, so you can stay warm no matter where you order from in SA.

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