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The Workplace & Winter Clothes

Winter Clothes for the Workplace

Between hiding indoors from the cold and getting used to working from home, many of us have forgotten how to dress for that 9-to-5 lifestyle. If you’re heading into the office every day or at least a few times a week, then your winter clothes need to balance comfort and warmth while keeping you looking professional. Luckily, Lu-May Exclusive Wear has you covered.

Trending Winter Clothes to Enhance Your Workplace Look

When it comes to workplace fashion, the focus is on maintaining professionalism. Even in less formal office environments, you still want to be taken seriously. However, winter can make this goal hard to achieve. Our list of winter clothes trends will have you slaying at work during the winter months.

  • Keep it neutral:Winter Clothes

While summer tends to be known for pops of colour, winter is associated with a more muted palette. This isn’t necessarily bad, especially for the office. Think shades of beige, grey and white. You can even add a pop of colour with your accessories to create a more striking style. We’d suggest pairing our beige Rosebank Ruffle Top with the grey Lonehill Elastic Waist joggers. Then, top your look off with our Layla-318 scarf for a pretty pop of colour.

  • Fleece it up:

Staying warm is most people’s main goal when going out in winter, as it should be. However, many overlook fleece because they consider it to be too casual for work. But, if you wear a jacket that is lined with fleece (like our Elsa Fleece Jacket), then you achieve the best of both worlds.

  • Ready for combat:

While sleek looks can be great, don’t overlook chunkier outfits, even for the workplace. If your office is more relaxed, why not wear a winter dress, like our Lucille Turtleneck Dress, and, instead of heels, pair it with a pair of combat boots?

  • You cardi-can:

A chunky cardigan is simply perfect for winter, and it looks adorable and professional to boot. You can pair it with pants, dresses and even skirts, so it is also super versatile. Our top pick this season is the Sahara Cardigan.

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Elevating your winter clothes for the workplace is simple. Stay on top of these stunning trends this season by shopping online or visiting one of our stores today.

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