Winter Clothes Trends

Top 5 Trends for Winter Clothes


Are you a winter or a summer person? Generally, people who love summer dislike the colder months, either because they don’t like spending time indoors, or because they don’t have the right winter clothes to make their chilly winter days wonderful. If you can relate and often feel like winter fashion is hard to pull off, or that your closet lacks the certain clothes that could turn you into a global trendsetter – keep reading and allow us to inspire you with some top tips that will help you spice up your closet this winter.


  1. Add a Dash of Colour to the Mix


It’s a chilly winter’s morning, it’s still dark out and you’re staring at your closet aimlessly, trying to decide what outfit will help put you in the right mood for the day. Our answer is simple: Add a bright summer colour to your winter neutrals. No need to be shy about it either – go for green, red, orange, or any bold colour that’s guaranteed to instantly brighten up your day.


  1. Bring on the Animal Print


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – animal print is back and it’s here to stay! The best part about animal print is that there’s never really only one option. If you don’t like leopard, you can always try a tiger print or even some snakeskin. You don’t have to add a lot of it either; even a simple scarf, face mask or headwrap will do. The trick is to add just the right amount of wildness that will have you loving your clothes and loving winter!


  1. There’s Always Room for One More Layer


One of the main reasons people don’t like dressing for winter is because they often end up not wearing enough clothes or end up wearing too much, which results in unavoidable discomfort. The secret is in the layering. Winter clothes are easy to pull off when styled and layered correctly. Start with a tight-fitted layer that complements your body shape and gradually increase the thickness of your layers, ending it off with a coat or big-knitted sweater. Always make sure that you can remove a layer when needed.


  1. Big and Bold Jewellery is Back


With winter clothes, what your outfit sometimes needs is the right style of neckless and/or earrings to fit. If you want to keep the focus on your outfit, simply add some classic silver or gold style jewellery that will add just the right amount of shimmer to light up your outfit. Here are some of our suggestions.


  1. Slay with Nudes


We’ve talked about adding some colour to your winter clothes, but another good alternative is also to remove colour completely. When choosing your nudes, choosing the right shade for your complexion is absolutely vital. If you feel like nude is not your colour (and it never will be) opt for some different shades of grey or even a burnt orange and some lighter shades of brown.


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