Why Every Modern Woman Needs a Jumpsuit in Her Wardrobe

With the weather getting warmer, one can tell that spring is right at our doorstep. It seems like only yesterday that we were digging into our winter wardrobe for inspiration, and suddenly we do not need all those layers anymore. If you have not yet thought about your closet’s reintroduction to spring, now is the perfect time to start. There are so many gorgeous international trends to choose from, but none are as versatile and glamorous as the jumpsuit.

You may not know it, but the captivating jumpsuit designs we see on today’s runways have quite a bit of history behind them. The first jumpsuit was created in 1919 as a literal jumping suit for skydivers, and eventually even pilots and astronauts. It was not until the 1930s, however, that this exciting piece made its way to the high fashion in Paris – and the world has been in love ever since. Today, we have thankfully come a long way since the bedazzled one-piece wonders that Elvis Presley donned in his heyday. Jumpsuits now come in a variety of styles, cuts, and prints, and every fashion-forward lady needs at least one in her closet.

Apart from owning a clothing item that has cemented its place in the fashion hall of fame, other advantages of owning one include:

Most body silhouettes look great in a one-piece.
The correct print and colour will slim and elongate the body.
With the right accessories, you will look like you stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine.
You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion.
It’s versatile enough to wear during any season.
It’s available in a range of cuts and styles, so you can select something according to your taste.
At Lu-May Exclusive Wear, nothing makes us happier than seeing someone owning their confidence in a stunning jumpsuit. If you are seeking your own, why not have a look at our selection? With everything from swimsuits to maxi dresses, we have your wardrobe needs covered.

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