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3 Staple Items That Every Spring Closet Needs

Spring is just around the corner, so before you know it, you will be rummaging through your cupboards looking for the perfect, vibrant outfit to wear. While some love to bid farewell to the dull colours and excessive layers that winter wardrobes bring, others dread piecing together springtime ensembles. If you find bright colours and bold outfit pairing a little intimidating, then we are here to walk you through three simple must-haves that every spring closet should have.

Short Day Dresses
Nothing says goodbye to winter like showing a little leg, and a short day dress is the perfect way to do so. Take your pick of high-neck dresses, sultry V-neck designs, and fit-and-flare silhouettes to complement any figure. A day dress speaks for itself, so all you need is a stylish pair of sandals, some earrings, and maybe a hat to complete your look.

An Eye-Catching Blouse
A blouse is a wonderfully versatile item that pairs well with everything from a tight pair of jeans to those chic trousers you wear to work. If you find a style you like, try to find similar items in various colours and prints. Due to their flowy material, most blouses look great on any body shape.

Maxi Dresses
Who doesn’t love vivid, floral prints cascading from their figure? Maxi spring dresses are easy to wear – simply throw one on and go. For something a little more muted, find a maxi dress in a darker shade and add a pop of colour with a flattering lipstick or earrings.

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