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Tips for Buying the Best Jerseys this Season


Winter is well on its way and most people cannot wait to break out the hot chocolate and stylish boots. If you have not updated your winter wardrobe in a while, then why not invest in a few stunning items this year? Here at Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we love jerseys because of how versatile they are, and we stock a range of items sure to keep you cosy when the cold strikes. Here we explore how to make the best choices while shopping for a jersey.


They’re Not Just for Winter

In South Africa, evenings already begin getting cooler in May and only warm up again around September. That means that buying a few jerseys as transition pieces is a good idea because you can layer them with a coat or jacket in winter and then wear them as-is in autumn and early spring. Find something you can easily wear with your favourite pair of jeans or a skirt.


Find a Colour That Works for You

People have a habit of wearing warm, neutral colours in winter. These are fine, as long as they suit your skin tone, hair, and eye colour. Look for something in cooler hues if autumn colours like deep browns, oranges, and burgundy tend to drain your face. The right shades of clothing will make you look healthier, well-rested, and bring out your best features.


Invest in Quality

Because people don’t buy winter clothing as often, it is important that you purchase jerseys of excellent quality. You want something that is going to last, not unravel or shrink before you get a chance to wear it twice. Paying a little extra for top quality is always recommended because you know you won’t need to purchase a replacement soon.


If you are seeking a wide range of jerseys in versatile styles and made with quality in mind, look no further! With us, updating your winter closet is as simple as clicking on a few items and having them delivered right to your door.

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