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Swimwear to Match Your Personality

Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Personality


What we wear is an extension of who we are, and you will often find that people dress according to not only how they feel, but how they want the world to perceive them. If you are a down-to-earth, casual person, then it is likely your wardrobe communicates this to people. So, when it comes to swimwear, don’t fret about not being able to find something that suits you – just let your personality do the picking for you. Of course, ensuring you wear something comfortable that emphasises your best features is key, but when it comes to fun design features, here are some tips for choosing a great piece.


The Fiercely Confident Queen

There is something alluring about a woman who knows who she is. This is the type of self-assurance that looks fantastic in a one-piece swimsuit. Off-shoulder ruffles, vibrant colours, and even a sexy monokini are all ways to elevate the plain one-piece and have it reflect the assertive woman inside. You can also add a little extra coverage in the form of beach wraps, sarongs, and striking cover-ups for some added flair to your ensemble.


For the Girl Who is Loud and Proud

If your friends describe you as fun-loving, funny, and bubbly, then you are definitely a bikini girl! Those who rock a bikini do so fearlessly, flashing a sexy smile and even sexier pair of legs. If you aren’t afraid to flaunt what you’ve got and love turning heads, then a bikini is the right swimwear for you.


The Sun-Loving Surfer Babe

Sun’s out, surf’s up! If you are the kind of girl who loves nothing more than to spend time having a blast at the beach, then a tankini is right for you. Enjoy the waves, a game of beach volleyball, a few hours of snorkelling while wearing your favourite printed tankini.


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