5 Reasons Maxi Dresses are Spot-on for Summer

Make Summer Perfect with Maxi Dresses

Summer is fast approaching, though, to some of us, it does feel like it is taking its grand old time to get here. Spring will soon arrive to bring some sunnier days. Now, some of us may be prepping our summer fashion already in a bid to be ready for the heat. And some are planning those in-between outfits for days that are not summery enough just yet. No matter how you go about planning your seasonal wardrobe, Lu-May Exclusive Wear offers a range of stylish options to complement your look, one being maxi dresses.


5 Reasons Maxi Dresses are Spot-on for Summer

When many people think of summer and the heat it brings, they tend to think of shorts, sandals, and cute mini dresses. Many tend to overlook maxi dresses as a summer and spring fashion staple. There are several reasons why your summer look will be elevated with maxi dresses.Maxi Dresses

  1. Goodbye matching worries. Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to put an outfit together. You find the perfect blouse, but then the jeans you wanted to pair it with are in the washing hamper. You put on that cute skirt only to realise that it doesn’t pair well with a single pair of your shoes. Now you can wave those woes goodbye with the maxi dress. Since it is a single piece, you can pull it on and pair it with whatever suits you. Our Bohemian Purple Floral Bandeau Maxi Dress pairs well with a denim jacket for a more casual look or even a black leather jacket to transition to a night-time look.
  2. Go easy on grooming. All women know the absolute headache that is shaving your legs, especially when you’re short on time and need to look fabulous in an instant. Maxi dresses can cover up what needs to be hidden, so no more worries on that front. It also adds a touch of modesty if that’s what you prefer. Leave the grooming for later, and still steal the show in the Wild Azalia Maxi Dress.
  3. Avoid sunburn. Speaking of covering up, the sun is coming back with a vengeance and some of us will inevitably forget to cover ourselves in sunscreen. After all, we’re still in that winter mindset. But nobody enjoys getting a sunburn not to mention the damage it causes to your skin. That’s why a maxi dress is perfect for summer. It covers your body from the sun leaving you looking lovely and staying protected from harmful rays.
  4. No more malfunctions. Have you ever attended an event, like a kid’s birthday party, and realised that some of your shirt’s buttons are loose or your blouse is a tad see-through? Wardrobe malfunctions are stressful and unnecessary since a maxi dress limits the chances of anything going wrong while you’re out and about. Because this dress covers up well, it is less likely that you will be left in a tricky situation when it comes to your outfit. Our Bloubergstrand Tie Back Ruffle Maxi Dress is ideal as it is simple but adds a feminine silhouette.
  5. They are flattering, yet comfortable. Maxi dresses are made to fall over your body, so they highlight your curves without leaving you feeling exposed. They are also easy to accessorise. Just add a belt to accentuate your waist, matching jewellery and a pretty pair of sandals and you can enjoy a comfortably elegant look. So, not only are they flattering, but they are also comfortably soft and flowy, like our Bali Side Slit Maxi Dress.


If you want to spend warm and breezy summer days in added style without sacrificing comfort, then shop for perfect maxi dresses or contact us at Lu-May Exclusive Wear today.

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