From Day to Night with Jerseys

Go from Day to Night with Jerseys

It has been decidedly colder nowadays, there’s no denying that. When that cold winter wind starts up, it feels like it’s blowing right through your body and chilling your bones. However, this is still SA we’re talking about. So, when the sun peeks out, it can get slightly warmer than expected. Maybe not shorts-level warm, but a bulky coat may be a bit much. This is why we at Lu-May Exclusive Wear are absolutely in love with jerseys.

As the perfect in-between for a South African winter, jerseys are great to achieve all kinds of layered looks. However, for most of us, sweaters and jerseys are associated with casual wear because they are so super comfortable. Still, there’s no need to swap your snuggly jersey for a coat or jacket when you need a more sophisticated look.

It’s All in the Styling

While they are suitable for any casual day-to-day look, it isn’t to say that you cannot style up your knitwear. Indeed, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this versatile item of clothing. Use our tips to go from day to night with your winter warmer:Jerseys

  • Fully coated: Sometimes, all you need to add some style is a simple, sleek jacket or coat. Plus, you have the bonus of extra warmth for that chilly girls’ night out. A coat always looks classy. For example, the gorgeous Clara Button Down Coat or our Back to Business blazer could be paired well with the sleek Indiana Cold Shoulder Sweater.
  • Don’t skirt around this trend: Who says skirts are only for summer? A skirt is a perfect item for a day-to-night look, and it pairs excellently with all kinds of jerseys. If you tuck the front of the sweater (or even the entire sweater) into the skirt, it can accentuate your physique. Our striking Lara Pleated Skirt would be perfect for this trend, especially when paired with the black Florida V-neck Sweater. If you still feel chilly, add a pair of stockings and high-heel boots to complete the look.
  • Matchy-matchy is in: While pops of colour are strikingly lovely, a monochrome outfit is very chic. If you want to take a sweater to business-level, then matching it with your bottoms is certainly the way to go. For added professional edge, go all-black with your outfit. Our Time Square Turtleneck Sweater would look sleek paired with a pair of black pants (like the Out of Office pants) and heels.
  • It’s all about the layers: Another way to dress up your jerseys would be to pair them with a collared button-up shirt. Simply pop the collar out and you will have the perfect smart look for day or night activities. We’d suggest our elegant, yet simple, Monte Casino Buttoned Shirt paired with either our Cheeky Colourblock Sweater or the Mia Loose-fit Jersey.

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A jersey can truly carry an entire outfit, whether you are enjoying a casual day out or an evening excursion. So, if you want to add some versatile and gorgeous jerseys to your collection, then shop online or visit one of our stores.

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