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Finding the Perfect Dresses

Finding the Perfect Dresses for Sale

Nothing is more exciting than going on a shopping spree and finding gorgeous dresses for sale. What if you could find those hidden fashion gems more often? At Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we offer a beautiful range of dresses for sale and often at discounted prices.

Dresses for Sale: How to Find the Dress for You

Unfortunately, when shopping on sale, you often have to dig through the sales rack only to realise that the available dresses are not in your size. In other words, you may not find the dress for your body type or one that suits your needs. So, before diving into the discounted section, make sure you know your body type and which style of dress suits you best.

Understand Your Body Type

The most important factor in clothes shopping, in general, is shopping for your body type. If you wear something flattering to your shape, you are guaranteed to leave the store feeling confident and happy with your purchase. It will also make the hunt for the perfect outfit much easier because you will know exactly which styles to grab first. So, before you go on that shopping trip, measure your shoulders, bust, hips, and waist, and determine what your shape is (such as pear, hourglass, rectangular, apple, etc.). This exercise should give you an idea of the styles that best suit your particular build. Know that a body type is simply a silhouette, and has nothing to do with how thin, tall, or curvy you may be.

Once you have considered your body type, it is time to explore which styles of dresses and clothing will suit your individual shape best.Dresses for Sale

  • The Pear. If the lower half of your body tends to be bigger than the top half, you are a pear shape. Think Kim Kardashian and you’ll have a good idea of the look. If this is your shape, then it is a great idea to find a balance when dressing so as not to emphasise one half or the other, or you can choose to fully embrace and highlight your lower half. An A-line dress is perfect for the pear shape or something with a pattern or ruffle on top. Our Hot Pink Summer Textured Mini Dress is a great example. Some necklines that would work include deep Vs, sweethearts, boat necks, and scoops.
  • The Apple. Also known as the oval shape, people with this figure generally have a heavier upper body. This may be due to a larger bust and broader shoulders. Dressing for this shape means putting more emphasis on the lower half of your body and wearing outfits that elongate your torso. An A-line dress works wonders for an apple figure and a V-neck is great for that added elongation. If this is you, then you can experiment with either dark monochromes or go for patterns to create the illusion of layers. So, fun floral dresses could be just the thing for you.
  • The Inverted Triangle. This shape tends to look very athletic with the shoulders being broader than the hips. This means that anything with a straight cut will look amazing on you. Especially if you add some details on the hips to give the illusion of curves. Something like the Bubblegum Blue Cut Out Bodycon Mini Dress is perfect for this.
  • The Hourglass. This is considered a balanced body type as it embodies a proportionate top and bottom part of the body with a defined waistline. It is also a well-known shape. Dresses with a cinched waist should be your number one go-to, like our Beautiful Beauty Swiss Dot Mini Dress.
  • The Rectangle. This shape is balanced from the shoulders to the hips with little definition. Show off your arms and legs with sleeveless and strapless dresses and cuts that add definition, such as Something in the Orange Cut Out Bodycon Dress.

If you want to find great dresses for sale that will flatter your figure, then contact us today.

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