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Boutique Dress | Style and Elegance of a Boutique Dress

A Blend of Style and Elegance: Decoding the Irresistible Charm of the Boutique Dress


Finding a boutique dress that flatters your curves, flaunts your best qualities and helps you hide your lesser attributes may seem like an impossible mission, however, it can be overcome by selecting your dress at an exclusive store. A boutique dress from Lu-May Exclusive Wear is defined by the fact that when you purchase one you can be assured of stepping out in style and confidence, by having a dress that is unique and affordable.


Turn the Impossible into a Possible


Boutique Dress

At Lu-May Exclusive Wear we want you to take advantage of the various styles, lengths and colours that we have to offer, however, we are aware that what suits one may not suit another and have a few tips and hints to share before purchasing a boutique dress from us.


  1. Choose a style that you feel comfortable in

If you prefer long, flowing dresses with plunging necklines and longer sleeves to a slightly shorter mini dress, choosing a style that you feel comfortable wearing and that accentuates your features, will show as you will exude confidence.


  1. Know your body shape

Picking up a dress and putting it against your body may look good in the mirror but it sometimes paints a different picture once on. Knowing your body shape is key to finding a boutique dress that will enhance your unique features and keep the unflattering ones hidden. For example, you may want to consider a dress that has a less bulky top, with a deeper neckline and a fuller skirt.


  1. Select colours that suit your skin tone

Colour is probably one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a boutique dress. You may be drawn towards a colour palette of more neutral shades when in fact you should rather be opting for brighter hues. What you need to remember is that you cannot go wrong with traditional colours such as navy, white and grey. Black is always a firm favourite and having a plain number that can be dressed up with some bling or bright accessories is a winner. As Karl Lagerfeld so aptly put it “One is never over or under-dressed with a little black dress”.


  1. What’s the occasion?

Do you require a boutique dress for a formal occasion or as part of your working or casual wardrobe? A full-length dress, figure-hugging or flared is as ideal for a concert hall as it is for a night on the town. Splashes of colour on knee-length or slightly shorter dresses are perfect for everyday wear. Form-fitting or flowing, Lu-May Exclusive Wear has a dress for any occasion.


Armed with these handy tips from Lu-May Exclusive Wear, you will be parading your boutique dress wherever you go. Whether you prefer puffed or wider sleeves, cross-over designs or empire lines, short and tiered or long with a tighter fit, plain or floral print, we have boutique dresses that are ultra-feminine, and highly elegant and that give you the look that you are after.


The Allure of Fashion


Fast-paced fashion has given rise to disposable clothing with trends changing at a constant speed forgetting that once upon a time fashion was dictated to by high-society, royalty and influential designers. Redefine how you see fashion by selecting a timeless, high-quality boutique dress that will stand the test of time. Fashion trends come and go, but a boutique dress from Lu-May Exclusive Wear lingers, forever expressing the uniqueness that is you.


At Lu-May Exclusive Wear we are more than just a store, we are style educators geared to assist you in finding colours that suit your skin tone and styles that complement your body type. Whether you are attending a gala event in Grahamstown or a cocktail dinner in Cape Town, there is no excuse not to flaunt your individuality in our dresses as we offer nationwide shipping. Check out our range today!  

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