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Women’s Tops and Blouses for Every Figure

A continuous challenge that every woman faces is what to wear. Each morning sees us scanning through our closets – sometimes defeatedly – for an outfit. Frustration emerges when we do not even like the items we own, and we feel that our wardrobes are tired and out of fashion. Shopping is fun, but many people put it off because finding something right might seem impossible. Women’s tops and blouses, in particular, are challenging to find, because what looks good on that mannequin might not necessarily suit every kind of figure. The trick to finding lady’s apparel that suits you is figuring out what body shape you have.

Body shape is one of the most important aspects to consider when shopping, yet so many people neglect it. Dressing for your body type means that you can conceal what you wish to keep hidden, while accentuating your best features. There are five main body shapes – finding yours will guide you while shopping for tops and blouses.

Type 1: Round

Round bodies (sometimes called “apple” or “oval”) are a type that commonly sees women trying to hide disproportions. A rounded shape typically has an undefined or full waist with a large bust, full shoulders, and narrow hips. Round types also have slender arms and legs, and tend to pick up weight on their upper body first. The best way of dressing a round shape is to slim the torso and bust, while enhancing the hips. V-neck shirts and dresses with a cinched waist, as well as outfits that show off some leg, are great for round bodies.

Type 2: Hourglass

Hourglass bodies are well-proportioned and easy to dress. A smaller waist with shoulders and a bust that match the width of the hips means a balanced silhouette. Hourglass types have the benefit of wearing most kinds of women’s tops and blouses without any issue.

Type 3: Rectangle

Also called “athletic” or “straight” bodies, rectangular shapes have similar measurements for their bust, waist, and hips. Pairing mid-waist shirts with a high-waisted skirt or pants will create the illusion of a shorter torso and help to cinch the waist.

Type 4: Triangle

As far as women’s tops and blouses go, triangle body types get some really interesting choices. Sometimes called “pear” types, triangular bodies have a bust and waist that are narrower than the hips. Dressing for a triangle body means broadening out the shoulders and bust to match the hips. Shirts with ruffles at the top, boat necklines, and anything that calls attention to the décolleté are a good idea.

Type 5: Inverted Triangle

As the name suggests, inverted triangle silhouettes are the opposite to triangle bodies. The shoulders and bust may be broad with a narrower midsection and hips. Slimming down the top of the torso while filling out the hips is key to creating proportions. Women’s tops and blouses that cover the shoulders with loose-flowing volume near the hips should be considered. Flared skirts and dresses also create more balance between the top and bottom of the body.

Now that you understand your silhouette, shopping is far easier. For a simple and straightforward online shopping experience, have a look at our online selection and choose between our women’s tops and blouses.

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