Winter Swimwear

Stylish Swimwear That You Can Wear This Winter

Just because the weather is getting a little cooler, it is no reason to stop working out and trying to stay fit. Many people love to swim, but cold weather is enough to keep anyone in bed. If you find yourself in a slump this winter when it comes to your fitness habits, then have a look below for some reasons why you should not drop swimming altogether. Swimming offers several benefits to individuals who enjoy staying physically fit. As a low-impact, high-intensity sport, swimming exercises a number of muscle groups without your bones or joints taking the hit, which is why so many women enjoy it.

Some of the perks of continuing your swimming routine include building and toning muscles, activating your cardiovascular system, elevating your mood, and burning the calories from all those warm, comfort foods. Of course, at Lu-May Exclusive Wear, another major reason to take a dip during this cold season is to show off your curves in some stylish winter swimwear. So, whether you would like to train yourself to acclimate to cold water or just have fun at your local gym’s heated pool, we have you covered with our stunning designs.

One-Piece Bathing Suits

A one-piece swimsuit usually consists of a single item of material which covers the chest, torso, and back. One-piece costumes are comfortable to move in and are quite flattering to the female figure. Some of our most unique winter swimwear in this style include our Ruffled Cap Sleeve White one-piece, the Lace Up Khaki High Waist one-piece, or even the Cut Out One Shoulder bathing suit for those who love a bit more flair.


Tankinis are an ideal form of winter swimwear as they look the same as a bikini, except that the top looks like a tank top, covering the torso and retaining warmth. In our collection, we adore the colourful Penelope Twist set, the sultry Hollow Neckline Boyshort in black, and our ever-popular Muse Slimming tankini set by SOS.

Surf Swimsuits

Winter swimwear does not get any warmer than a surf swimsuit. Swimsuits can either be in the form of a one-piece or tankini, and sometimes have a zipper down the front. Made with long sleeves and quality materials, our designs were created for active ladies who love to have fun at the beach. Our gorgeous line includes the delightful Peony Surfer One Piece suit and the sleek Coral Blue Long Sleeve surf swimsuit.


A monokini is a bathing suit that looks like a bikini, while the top and bottom half are joined by material in either the front and back or at the sides. Monokinis essentially give you some of the coverage of other types of winter swimwear while still showing off a little skin. Our Cheeky Vintage monokini collection is a fantastic range for ladies who love a bit of retro glamour.

Along with our winter swimwear, we also have a wide variety of beachwear, such as swim skirts, sarongs, and cover-up dresses to keep the cold at bay. For more of our elegant creations, have a look at our online catalogue today.

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