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Why You Need To Shop for Clothes Online

4 Reasons to Skip Big Box Retailers and Shop for Clothes Online

Love high-fashion but dislike the in-store shopping part? We don’t blame you. South Africans love to shop, but the past several years show more women breaking tradition and shopping online. It used to be that if you wanted a new blouse or set of lingerie, you would drive to the mall, find parking, and visit every big-box retailer until you found the right style in the perfect colour. However, since the eCommerce boom, we are moving online – from the way we work, communicate to the way we shop for clothes.

Here’s why South Africans are kicking big-box retailers to the curb and buying their clothes online.

  1. Shop from Your Bedroom, Lounge or Office

Shoppers find comfort in surfing the web for sweatpants, books, food, wine, underwear, jackets and more because it’s safe and convenient. All you need is a laptop or a Smartphone, and you have the retail world at your fingertips. By doing so, you avoid petrol and parking costs, and you save time. It is also far safer, especially during COVID-19.

  1. Lower Overheads Equal Better Deals and Sales

Unlike standard brick-and-mortar retailers with huge showrooms and dressing rooms and tills, mannequins and on-floor sales ladies, an online retailer keeps its stock in an enormous warehouse. They do not employ a sales team, as their website is the only salesperson they need. These savings allow them to pass better clothing deals on to their consumers. Because eCommerce clothing retailers offer the very best prices, consumers get much better value for their money – and they get better clothing styles.

  1. Infinite Choices

Clothes shopping in the commercial retail scene works well for young children, but no woman wants to run into someone wearing the same outfit. Whereas Big Box retailers struggle with variety and exclusivity, online clothing retailers stock hundreds of designer styles in every size. Online retailers provide access to brands, designers, styles, and sizes you will not find in malls. You get a more personalised shopping experience with eCommerce retailers.

  1. Sizing Guides, FREE Delivery and Easy Returns

80% of women often buy the wrong size top, because few women know their bust size. Although in-store retailers boast on-floor salespeople, size measurements are not an easy-to-find service. However, most eCommerce sites have a sizing guide that explains how to measure your bust line and waistline, ensuring the right fit. Other online buying perks are the FREE delivery service you get if you purchase over a certain amount, and then there are the easy return policies, ensuring happy customers.

Today, buying clothes online at your favourite designer retailer is far cheaper, safer, and more convenient than spending an entire morning or afternoon running from one big-box retailer to the next. Whether you’re after the latest high-fashion cocktail dress or the most recent winter collections, you’re almost guaranteed to find the right style, colour, size, and width at Lu-May Exclusive Wear. Not only do we stock all the latest seasonal couture collections, but we offer customers excellent discounts and sales.

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