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Here Is Why Maxi Dresses Are Still Trending


Timeless fashion never fades. Either it seems to cycle back every few years, or each season sees a reinvention of the same thing. One trend that has been around for decades and is still going strong is the ultra-feminine maxi dress. These dresses are the ultimate ensemble for anytime, anywhere. They also come in a variety of styles – you can enjoy them sleeveless, with bold patterns and prints, or as a plain dress with accessories for added pizzazz. Of course, we at Lu-May Exclusive Wear are glad these frocks are still in vogue, as we simply cannot get enough of all they have got to offer – and our lovely customers agree.


They Are Comfortable


There are days when we would all rather go out in our pyjamas and forgo that constricting pair of skinny jeans. Thankfully, maxi dresses offer a cosy fit that does not pinch, cinch, or squeeze where it hurts. Long and flowy, you are free to don a pair of comfortable sandals, snug sneakers, or warm winter boots with your dress and it will still look fabulous.


They Are Versatile


Need a semi-formal gown for a special event? Maybe you are seeking beautiful bridesmaid outfits for your bridal party? Maxi dresses are versatile enough to be worn during any season and can be transformed from Sunday-brunch-casual to ultra-glam in no time. From pregnancy photography shoots to graduation parties, no occasion is too relaxed or formal for this trend.


They Are Effortlessly Elegant


If you need something to slip on and go, maxi dresses are a wardrobe must-have. No need to worry about undergarment shapewear either, as the flowing silhouette hides a multitude of sins while slimming and elongating your body. Style becomes effortless and you will not need to spend hours getting ready in the morning anymore.


If you are keen on a few maxi dresses for the upcoming holidays, be sure to have a look at our online catalogue and order yours today. You could also pop into one of our Lu-May Exclusive Wear stores and let our team assist you with the perfect summer look.

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