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Tankinis for Summer

5 Types of Beach-Going Beauties That Love Our Tankinis for Summer

Now that summer is finally in full swing, we get to bare our shoulders in colourful outfits and enjoy those poolside parties. With the holidays coming up, finding a few bathing suits to take along should be top of your list. If you have not yet tried before, we recommend you try one of our tankinis this summer. Not only are tankinis ultra-comfortable, but they also combine the sexiness of a bikini without showing off too much tummy. This kind of swimwear suits just about any silhouette and lifestyle – so regardless of your holiday habits, we have you covered. Below we look at just how versatile tankinis are.

The Adventurous Surfer Chicks

We have all seen those gorgeous surfer babes strolling by with their surfboards under their arms. They’re not just about sun-kissed highlights and perfect tans, either; surfers are real athletes who take pride in perfecting their craft. As such, they have some practical needs when it comes to their swimsuits of choice. Tankinis, whether long-sleeved or with straps, are a functional type of swimwear that can handle physical activity without riding up or exposing too much.

The Sassy Selfie-Takers

Whether you’re a social media influencer or stay-at-home mom, most people love a good selfie. What better place, then, to don that pout than on the beach? For those who love to capture every summer moment, our stylish tankinis are the perfect way to show off that beach body.

The Out-Of-Town Partiers

Who doesn’t love to get away during the summer? Those from shoreless inland cities like Pretoria and Johannesburg usually wish to make the most of their coastal stay, and they can often be seen having the most fun. Packed and ready for beach volleyball, exploring the shoreline, and sipping cocktails at the beach bar, out-of-town holidaymakers enjoy our tankinis which can be paired with some boardshorts or a colourful sarong.

The Collectors

While not every collector scours the beach with a metal detector, most are known for taking long walks in search of seashells and trips to local markets. If you have a heart for exploration and often use your summer seaside vacation as an excuse to discover as much as you can, then you will adore our range of tankinis. They offer extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays and can be worn without the fear of anything unflattering showing – so you can go about enjoying your surroundings without care.

The Beached Bookworms

Some of our gorgeous clients go to the beach for one reason only: to tan with a good book in hand. After all, nothing is more relaxing than the soothing sound of waves crashing while you dig into a juicy novel. Ladies who prefer to spend their vacation relaxing this way and require swimwear that leaves something to the imagination will enjoy the cover-up features of our tankinis.

So, if you fall into any of the above categories – or all five – then Lu-May Exclusive Wear is where to find what you need. Everything from beachwear to blouses – we stock it all.

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