Swim Skirt

Four Reasons to Get Your Hands on a Swim Skirt

Step aside swim shorts and sarongs, the swim skirt has arrived, and it’s this summer’s hottest item! Here’s why you should get your hands on a swim skirt before anyone else does.


Different Styles

You can never have too many options, right? The swim skirt is available in straight, draw string and sassy styles. Pick the straight skirt for a fitted look when you want to show off that bikini body. Adjust your skirt with the draw string design for extra cover, or if you want to show some leg while strolling down the beach. If you want to feel and look fabulous, the sassy design is the wavy skirt that everyone looks great in!


Practical Pockets

There’s nothing worse than having to carry around a backpack or purse on the beach. But you still want to have access to your lip balm and keys while sunbathing. Why not opt for a straight swim skirt with pockets? Now you can keep your items safe, while looking stylish at the same time.


It’s Made to Match Your Lu-May Swimwear

Finding a top to match your bikini bottom is a frustration that only women can understand. Luckily, we have paired a swimsuit and bikini with every swim skirt, thereby saving you time and giving you expert styling tips. Have a look at which swim skirt goes with your Lu-May bikini for a match made in summer heaven.


Fit for Every Occasion

The swim skirt is your go-to item for any occasion. You’ll love it so much; you don’t even need to take it off when you go for a swim! Made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex, these skirts are made for the ocean. Whether you want to take it for a dip, wear it when doing sports, or at a beach party, the swim skirt is so versatile that you’ll want one in every colour.

Avoid disappointment and order now, because come summer, you would’ve wished you’d purchased these versatile skirts months ago. Visits one of our showrooms, or browse our beachwear catalogue and order today!

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