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Our New Favourite: The Ethnic Sleeveless Tank Tankini

Bright and bold prints are in this sunny season, and a South African staple is all things ethnic. Gracing our beaches before the colder months settle in is a variety of stunning designs that draw attention for all the right reasons. In keeping with the current local and international trends for 2020, we have introduced our brand-new Ethnic Sleeveless Tank Tankini to our collection. This design is not only gorgeous but comes with a few benefits for the wearer too!

Step Out in Style

Swimwear, if nothing else, is meant to make a statement. Loud and proud, you want something that will help you exude all that confidence. Why settle for something bland and drab, when who you are is simply destined to shine? With our Ethnic Sleeveless Tankini, you can enjoy that pool party, vacation to the beach, or a trip to the waterpark in style. The intricate and defined print is feminine, tasteful, and comes with a daring pop of personality.

The monochrome black and white design is also versatile enough to pair with any other colours. Bright, neon earrings, a splash of pink on the lips and a pair of sexy sandals will all perfectly match your swimwear ensemble. If you are seeking striking swimwear for summer, then this design takes the cake.

Surf’s Up on the Trendy Tide

Who said athletic girls can’t enjoy a discerning fashion item? The Ethnic Sleeveless Tankini is unique in its design as it offers enough support and cover for any physical activity. Whether jogging along the shore, surfing, enjoying a game of beach volleyball, or swimming a few laps at the gym, this dynamic piece was made for movement. A high neckline, closed-back, and a full bottom all mean that no matter how intense the activity, you can rest assured that you are provided full coverage and support when it is most needed.

Targeted Body Shape Control

We have all had the misfortune of purchasing a swimsuit that looked great on the store rack and awful in the mirror. The Ethnic Sleeveless Tankini is ideal for any body shape because of its strategic print. Darker in places that need cinching such as the waist and bottom, the print is very forgiving. The varied patterns also have a mottled effect that creates confusion to the eye – this means that the silhouette remains mostly undefined, which naturally has a slimming effect. The slim cut provides a figure-hugging fit that embraces the body in all the right spots, so you aren’t stuck drowning in a design that won’t accommodate your body.

Comfortable Coverage

Paired with one of our swim shorts or swim skirts, the Ethnic Sleeveless Tank Tankini allows for maximum coverage in areas you require it most. If you prefer to conceal your bust, back, and midriff, then you won’t find a more suited piece. The comfortable fit and silky-soft material both mean that this is one swimsuit you will want to wear for the duration of your entire vacation.

For more on our range of tankinis or cover-up swimwear solutions, why not have a gander at our extensive online range today?

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