One-Piece Swimsuit Making a Comeback

Here’s Why the Wonderful One-Piece Swimsuit is Making a Comeback

For many years, bikinis were the ultimate in sexy swimwear vogue – the smaller, the better. While a colourful bikini is still a fun little number in which to spend your summer, full bathing suits are back and bigger than ever. Bikinis and monokinis won’t be going anywhere any time soon, but we see more and more clients embracing a well-designed one-piece swimsuit over other types of beach apparel. There are a few reasons for this shift in swimwear preferences, which we explore below.

More than Activewear

Large sports brands have been stocking full bathing suits for ages – the Olympics don’t allow for a neon pink string bikini, after all. Full bathing suits soon became associated with formless activewear and the frumpy numbers our grandmothers would wear in their teenage years. Today, everyone from celebrities to everyday women enjoys a one-piece that fits well.

They Emphasise the Right Curves

Not all full bathing suits are created with real women in mind. In fact, people used to believe that pulling off a one-piece swimsuit was harder than wearing a bikini, simply because of how unflattering designs of the past were. Modern pieces, however, come in a wide range and no matter your height, weight, or body shape, there will be a few cuts that will accentuate your best features. Whether you need a cinched waist, a little extra support in the bust area, or swimsuit that will lengthen your legs, there is no shortage of options.

Better Sun Protection

Now, more than ever, women young and old are conscious of skincare. And what is the one major tip from just about every dermatologist you will ever meet? Avoid the sun for prolonged periods. A one-piece swimsuit will by no means protect your entire body from damaging UV rays, but the more you cover up, the better. Of course, sunscreen aplenty and a stylish hat are recommended too.

You Can Have Endless Fun in the Water

One large wave or steep water slide is all it takes to lose your bikini top. While this obviously isn’t the case for all bikinis, we will admit they are better for tanning and looking sexy than swimming a marathon. A full swimsuit means you can enjoy a game of beach volleyball, jog along the shore, and have a blast in the pool without wondering if anything is popping out. It stays put, so there’s no need to readjust anything while moving about.

It’s Both Sexy and Modest

Those iconic Baywatch running scenes were done in – you guessed right – full bathing suits. A one-piece covers up a lot, such as the midsection and back, which is perfect for more modest wearers. The right design still manages to look a little cheeky and seductive, though. If you prefer to show less skin but still want to feel confident on the beach or at the poolside, then the right design will do wonders for you.

If you are interested in sultry, ultra-modern beach apparel that is on par with international trends, then why not have a look at our latest designs? Our Teddy Button Scoop Neckline in green or our Belted Off-Shoulder Ruffle design in blue are just two examples of stunning new additions to our collection.

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