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Time for New Swimwear

Summer is finally here, which is quite a relief following a few abnormally cold days we’ve been experiencing here in the usually sunny South Africa. But the sun has finally started to rise triumphantly and burn through the rain clouds. And the first rain of the season can only mean one thing: it’s time to get back outside and enjoy swimming and soaking up the sun.

All you lovely water babies can finally dive in or lounge the afternoons away next to the pool. If you’re planning an end-of-year beach vacation or whiling your holiday away by the pool, the one thing you’ll need is swimwear.

The Beauty of Quality Swimwear

For many of us, pool party and beach season may bring with it a touch of self-criticism. Every woman, at least once in her life, has looked at herself in a bikini or one-piece and not felt beautiful. What follows is the inevitable cover-up, the bid to make sure no one can spot the imperfections that often only you can see, and even the avoidance of invitations to swim, no matter how hot the day is.

We here at Lu-May Exclusive Wear believe that every woman should feel gorgeous and that they should embrace themselves exactly as they are. This is why we offer only the highest quality in swimwear, not to mention several options for every type of body. We offer everything ranging from bikinis and one-pieces to tankinis and even plus-sized options.

The higher the quality, the better you’ll feel in your swimwear. This is because the material used will be of better quality, which means that it will fit your body better and colours or patterns will be more vibrant. It also means that greater pains were taken in manufacturing the swimwear, so you won’t have to worry about loosening threads and will be able to enjoy long-lasting wear. Yes, your swimsuit doesn’t have to wear out after only one swimming season. Quality swimwear is an investment that will offer you years of summer comfort.

Lu-May’s Summer Collection

Since it’s summer, you will never have to settle for poor quality. Lu-May Exclusive Wear has a Summer Swimwear Collection to put you in the proper mood for the warmer and sunnier season. We are excited to share our glorious range with our lovely customers! We have styles available for all your needs and all under one roof, so you are guaranteed to find something you love.swimwear-collection-lu-may


If you love a traditional bikini, you can take a look at our Tribe Vibes Animal Colourblock bikini in blue, green, or coral. Maybe you’d prefer a slight twist on the traditional, in which case, we’d suggest the Wild Turn Wrap O-Ring bikini. If you’re looking for more coverage and added style, we  stock tankinis, like the Racerback Ombre Print, or even high-waisted options, like the Be My Baby range. Our one-piece options will leave you looking fashionable by the pool, so check out our Jessica Plunge One-Piece.

We have this and many more options available in-store or online. So, shop your favourite looks online or contact us today and start stocking up on swimwear for summer.

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