Need Some Beachwear Inspiration?

Need Some Beachwear Inspiration? Have a Look at Our Collection

Ever go shopping for a swimsuit and feel like you have seen it all before? That is probably because you have; after all, there is only so much one can do with a simple design. Even the latest international trends have been doing the rounds for decades, so finding new, stylish designs is always refreshing. At Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we believe that beachwear is an extension of your personality – be it colourful, fun, or bold. This is why our collections reflect our beautiful, diverse, and drop-dead gorgeous South African clientele. If you are looking for cheeky, contemporary, and ultra-feminine beachwear, then you have come to the right place.

Swim Bottoms and Swim Skirts

If you like to keep your bottom and upper thighs covered up while you swim, then finding stylish solutions is a challenge – most stores do not stock anything other than bikini bottoms and one-piece bathing suits. We cater to this gap in the market, however, with our modern range of swim shorts and skirts. For boardshorts, bikini shorts, swim tights, and skirted bottoms, our collection offers plenty of colours and styles.

Sarongs and Cover-Ups

Who said modest beachwear can’t be sexy? We offer luxuriously soft sarongs and seductive cover-ups such as wraps, kaftans, and knitted dresses. Whether you want to show a little leg or conceal your arms, we have an option for you.

Beach Accessories

Here and there, every girl needs a little help, which is why we stock full and half silicone breast inserts. Other accessories on offer include 100% cotton towels in various colours and shades, as well as local, handcrafted earrings for any occasion.

For stunning beachwear, swimwear collections, and apparel (as well as plenty of savings on our sales) feel free to sign up with a Lu-May Exclusive Wear account today and take advantage of our stock on offer.

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