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Make Knitted Sweaters a Staple for Winter

Chilly winter days have us feeling all sorts of chill when it comes to fashion. Comfort is key, which is why grabbing a knitted sweater and scarf is definitely the way to go when the cold creeps in. But, can a sweater be a fashionable and versatile item for your winter wardrobe?

The answer is a hundred times yes, and here’s why.

It’s Never Out of Style

Whether it’s a chunky knitted sweater or fitted polo neck, seaters will never lose their runway status. If something is stylish, it doesn’t mean that it should be uncomfortable. If you pick a sweater in a few basic colours and dress it up with jewellery or a waist belt, you’re sure to look runway-ready wherever you go.

Free Hugs All Around

If you are comfy, you probably look comfy too. Sporting your sweater on a rainy day while others are unprepared for the cold can score you some serious PDA. There’s nothing like getting the warm and fuzzies from someone giving you a big hug because of the human-sized blanket you’re wearing.

It’s a Free for All

One of the best things about a knitted sweater is that it looks great on everyone, with the added bonus that it most likely fits most body shapes. If you’re visiting a friend and need to borrow something warm, reaching for a sweater is the perfect choice.

Always a Safe Bet

Gone are the days of “I don’t have anything to wear”. A sweater is a safe, yet stylish option that always has you leaving the house looking good. Throwing on a sweater, jeans, and a pair of boots is the easiest way to look great with minimal effort.

The Perfect Match

One of the best perks about investing in a knitted sweater is that it can be paired up with almost anything in your closet. Whether you pick a long skirt, jeans, or jeggings, this versatile option will always go perfectly with any outfit.

They Match Your Mood

Everyone has those days where you just want to stay at home, binge watch series all day with a tub of ice cream and not bother to even get dressed. The last thing you want to do is squeeze into tight-fitting tops or a bodycon dress. You’ll always be in the mood to throw on a sweater, whether it’s for a night out in town or staying at home.

Colourful Choices

Unlike most clothing items, you can pick a knitted sweater in practically every colour. Colour block your sweater with different coloured jewellery to really make it pop, or pair it with a neutral belt.

You Never Have Enough

Just like the little black dress, you can never have enough. Buying knitted sweaters is definitely an investment that will never go out of style. There’s no such thing as owning too many knitted sweaters.

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