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Ladies’ Swimwear The Bikini or The One-Piece

Ladies’ Swimwear: The Bikini vs. One-Piece

It’s a debate as old as time, or at least as old as swimwear. It is what makes all women hesitate when shopping for bathing suits and in front of their closets. Which will they choose? A bikini or a one-piece. We here at Lu-May understand this dilemma better than most. Both items are gorgeous in their own ways, and both come with their own charm. So, we have decided to have a good old-fashioned battle of ladies’ swimwear and see if we can resolve this argument once and for all.


Ladies Swim Ware Bikinis

When it comes to ladies’ swimwear, usually the first image in most people’s minds is the bikini or two-piece costume. An advantage to the bikini is its perfection for lounging. If you’re planning on a chilled day at the beach or by the pool then a bikini is fantastic. Also, it is much easier to get that perfect natural tan in a bikini than it is in a one-piece.

Though, since it is only two pieces of material, you will be covering less skin than a one-piece. This isn’t necessarily a con, as many women do feel that this adds a sexy spin, but if you have self-confidence issues (who doesn’t?) or you prefer more modest looks, then this could present a problem. With women’s confidence being at the forefront of our brand, Lu-May has all kinds of options in stock for every body type. For example, you could try out our high-waist collection, like our So Sporty halter neck bikini. If you’re more in the mood for a sexy look, then you can try out our Tamson high cut bikini. As you can see, bikinis offer a ton of versatility.


Ladies Swim Ware One piece

On the flip side, there is the more practical choice of the one-piece when it comes to ladies’ swimwear. These traditional pieces tend to cover a lot more skin, so are perfect for your modesty. However, don’t fret if you still want to feel sexy as, . Yes, even a one-piece can now offer you a wide range of options, not just those sports costumes we had to wear in our school days. Plus, one-pieces are great for a day filled with activity.

And, once again, you will be spoiled for options. You could try out our Princess High Neck Mesh Strappy Back for a sexy look. Or you could try our Cape Criss-cross Cheeky one-piece for modesty with some added flair.

The Verdict

Here at Lu-May, we believe the real winner is whatever you feel most fabulous in!  So, check out our swimwear today and decide what option you’d pick; maybe you could try both.

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