Jerseys and Cardigans Are Back

Jerseys and Cardigans Are Back: 3 Knitwear Trends to Look Out for This Winter


Fashion is ever-changing, but as the ripple effects of lockdown shape the way we work, shop and live, it also changes the way we dress. With remote working the new trend – suddenly, loungewear is back. The comfortable clothing movement is taking off, which means it is time to swap your corporate wear for slightly dressier knits. Here are three knitwear trends to look out for this winter.

  1. Oversized Jerseys are Back in Style: Women enjoy wearing knitwear, but it must be quality knit jerseysand cardigans. South African winters are cold, and nothing makes a woman feel warm and stylish than loose-fitting quality clothing. Whereas last year’s fashion scene sported ribbed skin-tight jerseys and turtlenecks, 2021 is witnessing a movement towards a more relaxed wardrobe, with over-sized jerseys and cardigans taking centre stage.
  2. Statement Knit Sleeves: With people working from home and businesses taking a more relaxed approach to casual workwear, the new trend in knit jerseys and cardigans features patterned and textured sleeves that flaunt casual home-to-office and chic day-to-night.
  1. Earthy Tones: The colours and tones our clothes flaunt largely dictate environmental or political factors. This year, in 2021, the spirit is all about preserving nature. While bright and vibrant colours will always dominate South Africa’s rainbow fashion scene, expect to see warm earth tones this winter like shades of fuchsia, cherry, mustard, red, and natural wood-and-forest tones like orange and yellows.

As we head into the winter months, coupled with a whole new emerging set of post-pandemic fashion trends, you will need to update your winter wardrobe with quality fashion knitwear, including jerseys, you can wear at home and to the office. At Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we carry more high-fashion knit-wear selections than any other Big Box clothing retailer, and we offer easy payment and returnsand FREE Delivery.

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