How to Style Your Floral Maxi Dress for Winter

Florals for spring are a no brainer, right? However, you shouldn’t hide your floral maxi dress in your wardrobe when winter comes. When the cold months arrive, we tend to ditch the patterns for layers, which is so last season.

Here are a few tips on how you can wear your florals in winter.

Coats Are a Must

First things first, we need to keep the cold out. Winter and coats go together like bread and butter. Keep warm by styling your floral maxi dress with a stylish coat.

Neutrals work best with a bold and busy floral maxi dress, so opt for a nude, grey, or camel coat.

Dress It Up in Denim

If you’re keen on a more casual look, a denim jacket is the perfect item to pair with your floral maxi dress. Look for a cropped denim that accentuates your middle. It’s an ensemble to wear for after-work drinks or a date night.
Get Textured Tights

Tights are not only worn to keep your legs warm, but they also add texture to your outfit. If you have a floral maxi dress, pair tights with boots, and Bob’s your uncle. Style your maxi dress with grey or nude knitted tights for that winter feel.

Scarves for the Win

Scarves are a great accessory that doubles up as a winter warmer too. Pick a colour out of your floral maxi dress and pop on a matching scarf in that colour. You can pair this with any jacket and boots, and you’re ready to hit the streets.

Berets Are In

Berets aren’t only appropriate for holidays in Paris. Style your maxi dress with a matching beret to look fashionable and keep warm at the same time.

Now you have no excuse to get your hands on a floral maxi dress for winter. Buy one from our newest range of maxi floral dresses, before everyone else gets their hands on one.

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