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New Year, New You: Here’s How to Wear That Flirty Swimwear with Flair

Summer is certainly not over, and we South Africans thankfully have a good few months left of sunshine, poolside parties, and beach vacations. With this new year, perhaps one of your resolutions is to finally leave all those insecurities behind and embrace your beautiful body. Here at Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we love nothing more than to dress confident, stylish women, who know how to flaunt their beauty. So, if you are ready to don some flirty swimwear with flair and pizzazz, then below we give you a few pointers on how to do so.

Appreciate Your Body

Body confidence takes a while to learn. It is also important to note that body confidence has nothing to do with one’s weight or body proportions – it’s about how we feel about ourselves. The best way to appreciate your body is to actively stop criticising it and start listing the features for which you are grateful. Perhaps you like your eyes, or maybe you have a great pair of legs. Use this favoured feature to your advantage and try to highlight it while wearing your swimwear.

Seek a Style You Find Comfortable

Wearing flirty swimwear will not work for you if you feel uncomfortable. If you are not yet ready to slip into a bikini or monokini, try a tankini or one-piece design first. Look for items that will accentuate your best assets and create an illusion that will hide what you would like hidden. Beachwear accessories such as sarongs, wraps, and cover-up dresses also work wonders when it comes to slowly getting used to trying out a new style.

Present Your Best Self

If you are still dreading stepping out onto the beach, then it helps to come prepared. Spoil yourself with a professional wax, body scrub, manicure, or even a few sessions on a sunbed before your vacation debut. You could also treat yourself at home, try a new hair colour, and get a few accessories to complement your new, flirty swimwear. Remember that the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable within your own skin.

Encourage Vitality from Within

Glowing from within while wearing that sizzling swimsuit means showing your body a little TLC. Simple tips such as staying hydrated, eating enough fruits and vegetables, and working a few minutes of exercise in each day are enough to make you feel heaps better. Once you step out into that sun with your new number, the effort will have been worth it.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

While shopping for that flirty swimwear, try to find pieces made with exceptional quality. An item created with higher standards in mind will fit you better and last much longer too. Avoid cheap, fast-fashion brands that ignore the needs of their clientele.

Looking for a few new exciting items to see you through the rest of summer and spring? Our latest in fun and flirty swimwear has just arrived, and we are excited to see it on our clients. If you are looking for top-quality, trending designs and silhouettes that feel as though they were made for your body, then feel free to have a look through our online catalogue. For more information on styles, sizes, and pricing, feel free to contact us today.

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